3 Packers who are rated way too low on Madden 24 entering playoffs

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

Rating players on the Madden video game has never been an exact science. We see it every year when the game comes out, and someone's favorite player is always "disrespected" by their low overall ratings.

The game's newest version has been out since September and has gone through an entire NFL regular season, with the most recent ratings update after Week 18. This means that players who performed at a high level this season should have seen a significant boost in their ratings.

That hasn't been the case for everyone, though, as these three Green Bay Packers players deserve a higher overall.

1. Quay Walker

Right now, Walker sits at an 80 overall rating, tying him as the 26th-best middle linebacker with three other players. That's even lower than teammate De'Vondre Campbell, who's an 82. Packers fans could collectively come together and say that Walker has been the best at the position for Green Bay this year.

It becomes really obvious that there's a problem with his rating when you start comparing him to the top guys. The most notable is CJ Mosley, who is at 88 overall and is the seventh-ranked MLB. Comparing their 2023 seasons, Walker had more sacks, tackles for loss, and pressures, and missed half as many tackles.

Even in pass coverage, Walker outperformed Mosley. He allowed a lower passer rating, fewer yards, yards per target, and yards per completion. Mosley may be rated a little too high, but Quay needs a significant bump in his overall rating.

2. Zach Tom

Tom just had his breakout year for the Packers, starting all 17 games at right tackle. He's solidified himself as an important piece to the offensive line in just his second season. Despite this, Madden has him listed at left tackle, which is the wrong position, and he is the 25th-ranked player at the position, with a 79 overall.

According to ESPN, Tom ended the season with a 91% pass block win rate, which ranks 16th among all offensive tackles. Even playing over 1,000 snaps this season, he committed just three penalties while allowing two sacks.

Understandably, it's much harder for offensive linemen to shine and show they are one of the best at their position, but Tom cannot be ignored any longer. Luckily, Packers fans know he's much more valuable than what Madden claims.

3. Rasheed Walker

Walker struggled earlier in the season, so a low rating then would have made sense. But he's been dominant at the most important spot on the offensive line.

All the way down at a 75 overall, he's the 29th-ranked left tackle in the NFL. San Francisco's Trent Williams is number one, with a 98 overall rating. Walker and Williams both ended with a 96% win rate on pass blocks, which is tied for first. But Rasheed had 19 more total wins on 20 more plays.

It's interesting that Walker was as efficient in pass blocking as the number-one tackle in the league. Even in just pass blocking, Madden has severely underrated Walker because, despite his success this season, he has the 42nd-best pass block rating among tackles in the game.

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