4 realistic RB options for the Packers after Aaron Jones injury

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Tyler Goodson

Another former player the Packers could bring back is Tyler Goodson. He is currently on the Indianapolis Colts' practice squad.

Green Bay signed Goodson as an undrafted free agent in 2022. He has yet to play a regular season game, although he spent over a year with the Packers, featuring in four preseason contests.

Goodson was one of the surprise standouts at training camp in his rookie year. He rushed for 107 yards and a touchdown in three preseason games but missed out on the initial 53-man roster. The Packers re-signed him to the practice squad, and he remained in Green Bay throughout his rookie season.

Goodson was part of the Packers' running back competition this summer. Undrafted rookie Emanuel Wilson won the No. 3 running back job at training camp, so the Packers moved on from Goodson.

But it would make sense to give him another opportunity in Green Bay. Goodson is familiar with the offense and could immediately step into a backup role in Week 12 against the Detroit Lions. If Emanuel Wilson is out for a while, Goodson would give the Packers a solid option for their RB3 job once Aaron Jones returns from injury.

Goodson is a player to watch, and Green Bay would be smart to bring him back.

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