Packers: Reggie White documentary announced by ESPN

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Documentaries have proven to be big business on networks and streaming platforms as of late. In recent years, the WWE has seen success in partnering with A&E for a plethora of documentaries and even television shows focused on none other than professional wrestlers and their storied careers.

The Vice Network has also found such success, focusing on the seedier aspect of the realm of pro wrestling, the darker side…hence the appropriate title of their show: Dark Side of the Ring.

Regardless, people want to see the truth behind the personas of the icons they grew up watching and it isn't only in wrestling.

Recently it was announced that Netflix will be releasing a documentary on none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, which perhaps proves my point further.

The documentary as a whole is not at all a new thing, but in a generation where trends, even old ones, return with such a force, you'd thing the modern era was celebrating the invention of the wheel all over again.

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ESPN has proudly been making great documentaries over the years, but just recently it was announced that they would be working on another documentary telling the story of none other than the 'Minister Of Defense' himself, Reggie White. The film will reportedly be aptly titled: The Minister of Defense.

There has been a lot of film dedicated to the big man over the years, and really there cannot ever be enough, as his career speaks for itself. He of course had an epic career with the Philadelphia Eagles, but for those in Wisconsin, his time with the Green Bay Packers is closest to their hearts.

A Super Bowl Champion (with the Packers), a two-time defensive player of the year—a testament to just how much of a powerhouse he actually was defensively.

But he was also a man of faith and a family man to boot. He had a great smile, as I went into last time in a piece dedicated to him, but out on the gridiron, he was indeed all business, as his stats and career history prove.

But this film seems to be focusing on another aspect of the man's life altogether, that aforementioned familial portion that didn't often get shown in the spotlight.

As ESPN reports, the movie will be following Reggie's son, Jeremy, on the road to getting to know his father better. The film will apparently include footage that has never been seen and interviews with the men who played with him and got to be touched by him in many ways.  

The Philadelphia Inquirer states that according to a press release made by ESPN themselves, the film will be taking a look at the more "controversial" portion of the legend's life.

The film will also reportedly include some footage from an interview of his from just before his passing—circa 2004. The film is a part of ESPN's "30 for 30" series.

Reggie White passed in December of 2004 as a result of sleep apnea, which had sadly gone undiagnosed or untreated, leading to cardiac arrhythmia.