Former Packers rival Richard Sherman doubles down on ridiculous Jordan Love take

Green Bay Packers
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Richard Sherman wasn't a fan of the Green Bay Packers trading Aaron Rodgers.

Sherman went on a lengthy rant during the offseason about why no team would fear the Packers with Jordan Love. He told fans to "wait and see."

And it didn't stop there. Sherman went after Packers fans during the team's early-season struggles. In October, he said that Green Bay was on its way to "picking top five in the draft" and was "probably considering drafting another quarterback."

"I told Green Bay. I told their fans. You're not getting three in a row. I feel you. You want to love Jordan Love. But maybe, just maybe, you should've shut up and enjoyed the guy you had," Sherman said.

We did enjoy the guy we had, but Packers fans understood when it was time to move on. And it sure seems like everyone is enjoying Jordan Love.

Love has led the Packers to four wins in five weeks, including victories over the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs. Green Bay won't pick anywhere near the top five and certainly won't consider drafting a quarterback early.

Richard Sherman refuses to admit he was wrong about Packers and Jordan Love

Packers fans haven't forgotten Sherman's comments. It's not just that he expected Green Bay to struggle. That's fine. Most people did. But Sherman went after Packers fans as if they were to blame for Rodgers' departure.

He told us to "wait and see." I'll tell you what we're seeing: Jordan Love looking like a franchise quarterback.

But Sherman won't go back on his comments. In fact, he doubled down.

Sherman says his "take remains the same" because the Packers aren't winning the division? That's not what he said. Sherman said no team would fear the Packers. He said every team in the NFC North would be "excited to see Jordan Love."

But now he's right because the Packers won't win the division in Love's first season as a starter? In the same way Aaron Rodgers didn't win the division in his first year? The Packers went 6-10 in Rodgers' first season as the starting QB. He had a far more experienced roster around him. Love is 6-6 this year.

The win-loss record is irrelevant. In 2008, Rodgers showed franchise QB potential. Love is doing the same.

Sherman won't admit it, but it will be hard to deny that Love is the future if he continues to play at this level and leads the Packers into the postseason.

Just "wait and see."

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