Packers Rumors: 3 Aaron Rodgers trade packages if Jets deal falls through

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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Time ticks by, the 2023 NFL Draft nears, and the Green Bay Packers still haven't traded Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets.

So, what's going on? What happens if a deal isn't made before the draft, which is only three weeks away?

The Athletic's Matt Schneidman wrote about the possibility of a deal not being agreed before the draft, and how this could impact negotiations.

One potential solution, Schneidman writes, would be the Packers asking for players to be included in the trade, having missed out on the chance to add 2023 draft picks. Players plus 2024 picks could be a way of getting a deal done.

However, there's another way to think about it.

There's still time to iron out the details of a deal, but the draft is just around the corner. The longer it goes without a trade being agreed, could other QB-needy teams pick up the phone?

If the Jets aren't willing to meet the Packers' trade demands, perhaps GM Brian Gutekunst could entertain offers from other teams. Let's look at three potential scenarios.

Packers could trade Aaron Rodgers to Patriots if Jets deal falls through

Aaron Rodgers publicly stated his intention to play for the New York Jets. However, perhaps an opportunity to play for Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots could tempt him.

Belichick's Patriots dominated with Tom Brady. Why couldn't they push for a championship with Rodgers?

Here's where it gets interesting. According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the Patriots have shopped quarterback Mac Jones to "multiple teams" this offseason.

So, you're saying the Patriots might need a new QB1? Not only would trading for Rodgers make them contenders in the AFC East, they would also get one over on the Jets. Sounds like a win for Belichick, if you ask me.

To steal Rodgers from the Jets, the Patriots may need to be willing to offer a first-rounder. A straight swap: Rodgers for a first. Who says no?