Packers Rumors: Will Aaron Rodgers get traded this week, and what happens if not?

New York Giants v Green Bay Packers
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Can we expect the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets to get the Aaron Rodgers trade across the line this week? It has been a long wait, but it is potentially coming to an end.

The next few days are significant. On Thursday, the opening round of the 2023 NFL Draft takes place, followed by the second and third rounds on Friday evening.

It's the latter that is of the most importance. The Packers trading for the Jets' first-round pick has never seemed to be in play, which means a deal doesn't need to get done before then.

However, if the Packers are to acquire a second-round pick from the Jets, the trade needs to be done no later than when New York hits the clock on night two.

So, here comes the million-dollar question: Will Aaron Rodgers get traded this week?

Packers Rumors: Will Aaron Rodgers get traded during draft week?

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport provided an update on the potential Aaron Rodgers deal on Sunday. Rapoport reported that the Packers and Jets had "re-engaged" conversations over the trade. It's a little odd the negotiations ever stopped.

Despite Rapoport reporting that the deal wasn't "imminent", the fact the two sides have restarted trade discussions is notable. It shows an interest from both sides to get the deal completed this week.

And a draft-week trade makes sense for everyone involved.

The Packers will want the benefit of adding a 2023 draft pick or two. While that's not beneficial for the Jets, delaying the deal wouldn't be either. Once we get beyond the draft, what incentive would the Packers have to get a trade over the line quickly? They could hold out for longer.

Both sides need the trade to be completed. Green Bay needs to move on. There's the financial side, but also the fact they don't want the distraction of Rodgers still being on the roster.

New York needs to get a deal across the line to begin preparing for the new season with Rodgers.

What happens if Aaron Rodgers isn't traded during the draft?

There is, of course, a possibility that a trade isn't agreed between the Packers and Jets during the draft.

Then what?

If the draft comes and goes without a trade, when is the next deadline? OTAs? Mandatory minicamp? Even training camp? It would be far from an ideal situation, that's for sure.

The Packers would lose the incentive to get a deal done quickly. They wouldn't get the benefit of 2023 draft picks, so why not hold out for a guaranteed 2024 first-rounder? In that sense, the leverage would shift in favor of Green Bay.

GM Brian Gutekunst could wait it out, knowing the Jets would need Rodgers in the building no later than the start of training camp. However, the closer it gets to training camp and the beginning of the regular season, the greater the sense of urgency for Green Bay.

According to Spotrac, Rodgers is due a roster bonus of $58.3 million any time from now until Week 1. The last thing the Packers want is to get to their season opener without a trade being made.

So, what happens if a deal isn't done before or during the draft? Who knows? If both sides can't come to an agreement before a deadline this week, what would change beyond the draft?

Let's just hope we don't get to that.

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