5 Joe Barry replacements Packers need to start thinking about

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Robert Saleh

The New York Jets should stick with Robert Saleh as their head coach. It's hard to put too much blame for their lost season on Saleh, as their success was tied to the arrival of Aaron Rodgers. But the Jets don't always make smart decisions. If they make a head-coaching change and Saleh becomes available, he would be a dream defensive coordinator hire for the Packers.

And it could be the perfect landing spot for Saleh, too. He would join close friend Matt LaFleur in Green Bay and inherit a defense filled with talent and potential.

Just about everything that could've gone wrong for the Jets this season has gone wrong. But the defense has battled all year. Despite the offense regularly putting them in tough spots, Saleh has still led a top-10 unit this season.

In games against the Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, and Buffalo Bills (first meeting), Patrick Mahomes, Jalen Hurts, and Josh Allen went a combined 75/116 for 719 yards, three touchdowns, and eight interceptions, with a passer rating of 61.7.

Saleh led two top-five defenses with the San Francisco 49ers. His Jets defense ranked No. 32 in his first season, but he helped them become the No. 4-ranked unit last season, and they have delivered again in 2023.

Saleh would work well with LaFleur, and he could bring dramatic changes to the Packers' defense. But it's a big if on his availability. The Jets should retain him as head coach.