Packers Rumors: Could an NFC contender enter race for Aaron Rodgers trade?

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Aaron Rodgers has been linked to the San Francisco 49ers his entire career. His childhood team chose Alex Smith over him in 2005, only for Rodgers to land with the Green Bay Packers.

Rodgers' Packers have enjoyed many classic battles with the Niners in the years since, including multiple playoff heartbreaks for Green Bay.

As Rodgers' time in Green Bay comes to an end, a move to San Francisco would be poetic. They were destined to be together with the No. 1 pick of the 2005 NFL Draft. Eighteen years later, could Rodgers swap Green Bay for San Francisco and go after a second Super Bowl with one of the most talented teams in the league?

The Packers and New York Jets are still yet to find a resolution in their Aaron Rodgers trade discussions. If it continues to drag on, could the Niners get involved?

Packers Rumors: Could 49ers enter the Aaron Rodgers race?

The 49ers have an excellent roster, but they have serious questions at quarterback.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported that the 49ers have "received inquiries from several teams" about a trade for quarterback Trey Lance.

Rapoport added that teams believe the 49ers view Brock Purdy as their starter.

The problem is that it's unclear when Purdy will be ready to return from injury. In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Purdy said he was "not really sure" whether he would be able to play in 2023.

With the 49ers potentially needing a quarterback, could they enter the Aaron Rodgers trade negotiations?

Earlier this month, Craig Carton of FS1 named the 49ers as a team that could enter the conversation should a deal not work out between the Packers and Jets.

"The conversation has been multiple third-round picks in this draft, and a first-round draft pick in next year's draft," said Carton.

Only a week away from the 2023 NFL Draft, a deal is yet to be agreed between the Packers and Jets. Meanwhile, the 49ers face uncertainty at quarterback.

San Francisco has one of the best rosters in the league and is already a contender in the NFC, but the quarterback uncertainty is a concern.

With Jimmy Garoppolo gone, Brock Purdy recovering from a significant injury, and now the possibility of Trey Lance getting traded, the 49ers entering the Aaron Rodgers conversation would make a lot of sense.