NFL insider gives surprising update on Packers trade deadline plans

Green Bay Packers
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Losers of four straight, the Green Bay Packers aren't one player away from competing.

This team is a million miles away. They need an infusion of talent in the offseason, particularly on offense. If the Packers make any moves before Tuesday's trade deadline, it needs to be as sellers.

Green Bay is 2-5 and accelerating toward a top-five draft choice. Adding draft capital should be a priority if the Packers are to do any business before the deadline. Trading for veteran talent does little for this team.

Someone should tell the Packers' front office.

NFL rumors: Are the Packers going to make a huge mistake before the trade deadline?

The Packers aren't one piece away from contending. They certainly aren't a running back away. However, it seems general manager Brian Gutekunst isn't aware of the team's 2-5 record.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, the Packers are among the teams in the market for a running back before the trade deadline.

"There are a lot of teams that are in the running back market. Baltimore, Cleveland, Green Bay is still in the running back market," said Glazer.

Excuse me? Why?

Green Bay never helped Aaron Rodgers before the trade deadline despite being "in every conversation." It would be ironic for the Packers to finally add an offensive playmaker when Rodgers is gone and the team has a losing record.

If the Packers were 5-2 and their offensive line was blocking well, then, sure. But how is a running back going to help this offense?

It doesn't matter who is lined up in the backfield; Green Bay's offensive line can't block. According to ESPN, the Packers entered Week 8 with the fourth-worst run block win rate. Against the Minnesota Vikings, Packers running backs averaged a little over three yards per carry.

Green Bay should do everything it can to add 2024 draft capital, especially if that means moving on from veterans who are likely gone next season.

The Packers shouldn't be buyers before the trade deadline, and they certainly shouldn't trade draft picks for a running back.

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