7 players the Packers must sell before trade deadline in fire sale

Green Bay Packers
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5. AJ Dillon

AJ Dillon's trade value isn't exactly sky-high after a disappointing start to the season. However, the fourth-year running back has dealt with some of the league's worst run-blocking all year. He has shown signs of the power and tackle-breaking ability he's known for in recent games. Dillon would be an asset for an offense better prepared to run the football.

Green Bay's running back room could look completely different next year. Dillon is a free agent in the offseason, and it would be surprising if the Packers bring him back.

A team in need of help at running back, like the Baltimore Ravens or Tampa Bay Buccaneers, could make a low-risk deal for Dillon. Trade a Day 3 draft pick, and see if Dillon can make a difference. They wouldn't have to take on any big, long-term contracts, as Dillon is in the final year of his rookie deal. But he could become a factor late in the season and into the playoffs.

Dillon hasn't made the impact the Packers hoped he would this season, but a change of scenery could help. Green Bay gets some draft capital for a soon-to-be free agent, and another team gets a bargain addition to their offense.