7 players the Packers must sell before trade deadline in fire sale

Green Bay Packers
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1. Jaire Alexander

Jaire Alexander is having a tough season, but the two-time All-Pro is one of few players who could land the Packers a premium draft pick before the trade deadline. Alexander's back injury may scare teams off, but if there are no long-term concerns, he would make any defense better.

A team trading for Alexander would need him to get back to his best quickly. He struggled in coverage against Vikings rookie receiver Jordan Addison, giving up several completions, including a 20-yard touchdown. But Alexander hasn't suddenly become a bad player. He is only 26 years old and was an All-Pro last season.

The harsh reality is that Green Bay is in rebuild mode. Things are going to get worse before they improve. It's a position the Packers haven't found themselves in often over the past three decades.

The Packers shouldn't trade Alexander for nothing, but if a team is willing to spend at least a first-round pick, there's a conversation to be had. At his best, Alexander is one of the top-five cornerbacks in the NFL. Elite cornerbacks are hard to find.

The Buffalo Bills will likely need to go through the Kansas City Chiefs or Cincinnati Bengals to make the Super Bowl. They could do with cornerback help. The Philadelphia Eagles would also make sense, and general manager Howie Roseman isn't afraid to make blockbuster trades for star players.

Green Bay has to sell at the deadline to help the rebuild. If a team offers a first-rounder for Jaire Alexander, it's a move seriously worth considering.

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