Packers schedule: All 13 quarterbacks ranked from worst to best

Green Bay Packers v Kansas City Chiefs
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12. Baker Mayfield, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Baker Mayfield is on his third team in six months. He hasn't had much success against the Packers' defense over the past couple of seasons. In two games, he has thrown for 333 yards, three touchdowns, and five interceptions, with a passer rating of just 55.7.

Mayfield gets the benefit of throwing to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, but the Packers won't fear this matchup. He is a decent quarterback, but not the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' long-term answer.

11. Bryce Young, Carolina Panthers

Bryce Young is yet to play a snap, so we don't know how well he will play in his rookie season. Even if Young becomes one of the stars of the NFL in the upcoming seasons, he is likely to make mistakes in his rookie year.

With all of the talent the Packers have on defense, they should be able to create pressure and make life miserable for Young.

10. Jimmy Garoppolo, Las Vegas Raiders

Jimmy Garoppolo is a solid starting quarterback, but he has never been a star. In four career games against the Packers, playoffs included, he has thrown for a combined 718 yards, four touchdowns, and two interceptions.

He may not have great stats against the Packers, but he was on the winning team three times out of the four contests.