Packers score another victory in Aaron Rodgers trade in latest QB power rankings

The Packers continue to win in the Aaron Rodgers trade.
Aaron Rodgers
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The Green Bay Packers were already big winners of the Aaron Rodgers trade before last season even started.

Rodgers was unlikely to play for the Packers again, saying he was 90 percent retired during his darkness retreat last offseason. Green Bay could've been stuck with his contract while moving into the Jordan Love era, but thankfully, general manager Brian Gutekunst found a trade partner.

Not only that, but Gutekunst negotiated a great deal for the Packers.

The trade has been finalized after the 2024 NFL Draft. Gutekunst turned Rodgers into six draft picks, including Lukas Van Ness, Luke Musgrave, Edgerrin Cooper, and Evan Williams.

The New York Jets are happy because Rodgers increases their chances of winning a Super Bowl this season. But Green Bay made a great trade. Not only did the Packers negotiate an excellent deal that helped them land multiple starters in the draft, but they also have the better quarterback.

Latest power rankings provide further proof Packers won the Aaron Rodgers trade

The idea of the trade was the Jets going all-in to win a Super Bowl with Rodgers while the Packers moved into a new era and potentially a rebuild. One year in, and Green Bay arguably has the better chance of winning a championship with Love.

Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports recently ranked all 32 starting quarterbacks, with Love one spot ahead of Rodgers. They are Nos. 10 and 11, respectively.

Love has a long way to go to match Rodgers' accomplishments in the NFL, but there's a strong argument that Love is the better quarterback today.

Rodgers is 40 years old and coming off a torn Achilles. Love reached an MVP level last season, throwing 23 touchdown passes with three interceptions in his final 10 games, including two playoff matchups. He outperformed Rodgers' 2022 season, his last in Green Bay.

Love still has a lot to improve, while Rodgers may still be a great quarterback. An argument can be made for either quarterback to be even higher in the rankings.

The Jets took a risk by trading for Rodgers, but it will be worth it if their all-in approach results in a Super Bowl. The Packers went in the opposite direction, building the league's youngest roster around Love. Two different philosophies, but both teams could join the Super Bowl conversation in 2024.

The Rodgers trade helped Green Bay build long-term, but it may also have the better quarterback.

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