3 shocking stats that reveal why Packers were dominated vs. Lions

The Packers had no answer for the Lions during Thursday Night Football.
Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers
Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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2. Packers allowed 211 rushing yards against the Lions

Now we get to pick on Joe Barry. Just like it's unacceptable to only rack up 27 yards on the ground, it's inexcusable to allow an opponent to rush for 211. This isn't Barry Sanders back there for the Lions.

The front seven for the Green Bay Packers were absolutely dominated by the Lions' offensive line. Yes, there were schematic errors as well, which can easily be placed on the shoulders of Barry, but some of this was just purely effort.

You don't give up 200-plus yards on the ground unless you're getting manhandled in the trenches. So scheme is part of it, but the Lions were just outmuscling the Packers all night.

To be fair to the defense, it didn't help that the Packers didn't get a first down until midway through the second quarter. Matt LaFleur cannot put his defense in position to defend a talented offense like the Lions by going three-and-out almost every possession in the first half.

The Green Bay defense gets a mini-bye and can refocus on controlling the line of scrimmage. But if a team is able to have a balanced attack like the Detroit Lions, there's no way to establish any semblance of a pass rush.