5 Packers whose stock is soaring after winning third straight game

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AJ Dillon

Stats help give us a clearer picture of what happened on the field, but that isn't true about AJ Dillon. Throw the box score out the window. Dillon's value to this team is far greater than his yards-per-carry average. He has been playing outstanding football for well over a month, and the Packers wouldn't be where they are without him.

Green Bay needs to seriously consider offering Dillon a new deal in the offseason, which nobody saw coming after his slow start to the season.

The Packers have missed Aaron Jones for most of the year and needed Dillon to step up. He has played tough, physical football and makes plays when his team needs them most.

Dillon rushed 18 times for 73 yards against the Chiefs, an average of 4.1 yards per attempt. They are solid numbers, but Dillon's performance was far better than the stats suggest. He consistently helped the Packers stay ahead of the chains, fighting for additional yardage.

His only catch of the night was a successful one. Love dumped the ball off to Dillon. He caught it two yards behind the line of scrimmage and was immediately met by a defender. But Dillon made him miss and turned it into a 14-yard gain.

Unlike earlier in the season, Dillon is fighting through contact, is tough to bring down, and is converting in short-yardage situations. He finds a way.