5 Packers whose stock is soaring after winning third straight game

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Zach Tom

How do the Packers keep doing it? No team finds quality starting offensive linemen on Day 3 of the draft like Green Bay. If there were a 2022 NFL re-draft, Zach Tom would go in the first round. That's how impressive he has been this season.

Tom is playing at a Pro Bowl level. According to Pro Football Focus, he has allowed only two sacks and two hits this season. He had the highest PFF grade of any Packers offensive player entering Week 13. Tom was excellent again on Sunday night versus Kansas City. He was moving players in the run game and holding his own in pass protection.

Green Bay's offensive line has improved as the season has gone on. While there have been some issues at left tackle and the interior positions, Tom has provided consistency at right tackle all year.

The Packers could ask him to move to center or guard next season -- Tom is excellent at both positions -- but they shouldn't. He is playing at such a high level at right tackle. There's no need to move him. Green Bay may look to upgrade its offensive line in the offseason, but Tom is one of the only players locked into the starting five.