Toughest challenges in Packers first five games of 2023 season

What challenges await the Packers in the first part of the season?
Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers
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Week 5: at Las Vegas Raiders

Josh Jacobs. Davante Adams.

I could leave my concerns for Green Bay this week at that, and it'd make sense to everyone, especially Packers fans who have watched Green Bay's defenses get run all over for what feels like forever at this point and were around for the Adams era with Rodgers.

Jacobs led all rushers in 2022 with 1,653 yards and yards per game with 97.2. He also tied for the third-most rushing touchdowns (12). Despite contract disputes this offseason, he is back with the Raiders, and while regression is likely, there are very few reasons why he can't repeat many aspects of 2022.

Both players are elite, All-Pro game-wreckers. But for worries around the Packers' run defense mentioned throughout the previous four weeks, Green Bay will need to pay extreme attention to where Jacobs is on every play.

The only problem is that it usually means bringing up a safety to play in the box; this is the last thing you want with Adams running the boundary for newly acquired quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Despite All-Pro cornerback Jaire Alexander likely shadowing his former teammate, Adams remains one of the most dominant route-runners and pure pass-catchers the game has ever seen. 

With a safety playing up in the box to mitigate the rushing attack, leaving Adams in one-on-one coverage is how he's made his money in the NFL.

The pass rush from the Raiders could make it difficult for Jordan Love and the developing Packers offense to get much going. 

If this ends up being a low-scoring game where one home-run play could make the difference, Adams or Jacobs are more than capable on any given snap.

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