Why the Packers must trade these 5 players for 2024 draft picks

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2. Aaron Jones

The Packers likely won't trade Aaron Jones before the deadline, but they should if a good offer comes in. Jones hasn't played a full game this season, and his absence has hurt Green Bay's ground game. Poor run-blocking hasn't given the running backs much of a chance, but Jones is talented enough to make positive plays regardless.

Jones could be the missing piece for Super Bowl contenders. His game-changing ability as a runner and receiver could significantly impact any team.

Due to his rising cap hits, the Packers may be forced to move on from Jones in the offseason. If they could land a Day 2 draft pick in a deal before this year's deadline, they should do it.

Yes, losing Jones would significantly hurt the Packers' offense this season. But this team isn't all-in in 2023. They are building. If they get an opportunity to trade Jones for, let's say, a second-round draft choice, they shouldn't hesitate to make that deal.

Jones could make the difference for a contending team. While he helps Green Bay's offense, this team isn't going particularly far this season.

First, Jones needs to get back to 100 percent from the hamstring injury that has cost him three games. But once he's back, the Packers should consider offers.