Packers trade down multiple times in this 2024 NFL Mock Draft

Jordan Love gets the help he needs in this mock draft.
Green Bay Packers
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The trades

The Packers won't trade away an early first-round pick for nothing. But sometimes, moving down is the smart option. Take their past draft class as an example.

Green Bay moved down twice in quick succession, trading from No. 45 overall to No. 48 and then down again to No. 50. The Packers netted two Day 3 picks in return. They used their second-rounder to select Jayden Reed, and the bonus picks resulted in Dontayvion Wicks and Karl Brooks, two of the team's standout rookie performers.

Unless a must-have prospect is at the top of the board when the Packers hit the clock, trading down for additional picks is often a smart strategy.

Trade 1

A smart piece of business here by the Packers. They only move down four spots, which keeps them well-positioned for a top prospect, but doing so means they can upgrade a third-round pick into a second, a jump of 39 picks.

With this move, the Packers now own three second-round picks, giving the team even more draft-day flexibility.

Packers-Cowboys Trade

The Packers trade down again in the second round. In return, they net a third from the Dallas Cowboys, sending a sixth in exchange. It sets Green Bay up with three second-round picks and two third-rounders.

GM Brian Gutekunst has the flexibility to make more trades and plenty of swings to restock the roster with as much talent as possible.