3 trades the Packers need to make to start building for the future

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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After starting 2-3 and lacking any identity on offense, the Green Bay Packers may have some roster soul-searching to do at the trade deadline.

Following a strong Week 1 performance defeating the Chicago Bears, the Packers have hit a rough spell the last four games, enduring key injuries weekly and lacking any identity on offense. With three games remaining before the October 31 trade deadline, there's opportunity to right the ship.

But with tough offensive opponents like the Los Angeles Chargers and Rams leading into the deadline, the Packers may need to think about the long-term strategy if they can't pick up steam.

What most expected to be a lot of ups and downs, with flashes of potential from the young roster, has instead translated to the Packers simply looking like a not-very-good football team, starting with the coaching.

Injuries to star players have also hurt the team. There are areas where executing a trade sooner rather than later could help the Packers turn things around and have a different approach at the deadline.

However, if the current trend continues, the Packers must evaluate trades to remain competitive while setting up for future success. Here are three they should consider.