3 trades the Packers need to make to start building for the future

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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2. Packers could trade Darnell Savage for 2024 draft capital

Through five games, Darnell Savage has shown glimpses of past form, but the flashes sputter, and Green Bay doesn't appear ready to engage in extension talks.

Despite restructuring his deal before the season to free up roughly $5.5 million, the Packers will likely need to eat a good chunk of Savage's contract if a trade were to happen. With the Packers already facing salary cap challenges following the season, it would likely take incredible play from Savage to figure a way to make a new long-term deal work.

Being on a contract year, Savage would be a valuable piece for a contending team to add this season and not be on the hook for anything by choosing to let him walk after a playoff run.

Per Rob Reischel of Forbes.com, Savage posted a 51.9 PFF grade in Week 4 against the Lions, which is disheartening after a strong first two weeks.

As rookie Anthony Johnson Jr. gets acclimated, the Packers are hoping they got a steal in the seventh round of the NFL Draft with the do-it-all all, high-effort player.

After taking first-team reps in training camp, it's not unfathomable thinking Green Bay may hand the keys over to let Johnson Jr. work through the kinks and have something to build on going into year two.

Trade target: 5th-6th round pick

Swing big: Darnell Savage + draft pick, receive projected pick 25-32 overall + draft pick