3 Packers underperforming stars who must step up after the bye week

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2. AJ Dillon

The Packers' run game has fallen well short of expectations in the opening five games of the regular season. A significant share of the blame belongs to the offensive line. According to ESPN, the Packers rank 29th in run block win rate, and that isn't surprising when watching defensive linemen meet AJ Dillon in the backfield with regularity.

Dillon also hasn't played well enough. According to Pro Football Reference, he is averaging a career-low 1.4 yards before contact per attempt. That's on the offensive line and highlights the team's poor run-blocking. But Dillon also averages just 1.7 yards after contact per attempt.

Breaking tackles and running over defenses is supposed to be Dillon's strength. We saw more of this against the Las Vegas Raiders, but Dillon has gone down at first contact far too easily this season.

Dillon averaged 5.3 yards per carry in 2020, 4.3 in 2021, and 4.1 in 2021. This season? He's at 3.0 yards per attempt.

Even when the Packers have created running lanes, Dillon isn't always seeing them.

Dillon's 20-carry, 76-yard, one-touchdown performance against the Raiders was easily his best of the season. He had to overcome poor blocking and battle for yards after contact, and he played well. The Packers need their running game to improve to take pressure off Jordan Love, which means better play from Dillon.