3 Packers underperforming stars who must step up after the bye week

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1. Jordan Love

The Packers will go as far as Jordan Love can take them. He performed well enough to win in the opening two games, throwing for 396 yards and six touchdowns with no interceptions. It's no coincidence that Green Bay's offensive line played its best football in those two games, allowing only two sacks.

However, in the three games since, Love has thrown for 687 yards, two touchdowns, and six interceptions. He has been sacked eight times.

It's not all on Love. He needs good protection up front and his receivers to make plays, but Love's performances have dramatically declined in recent weeks. That's how it goes for young quarterbacks, especially playing in an inexperienced offense.

But for the Packers to bounce back and start winning games, Love needs to get back to how he was playing early in the season.

Matt LaFleur must find better ways to help his young quarterback. He should have Love move around if the protection isn't good enough. Love found success with bootlegs against the Raiders, but LaFleur didn't return to it often. The run game plays a significant role. If the Packers can set up manageable third-down situations, the pressure is taken off of Love.

But it's rarely going to be perfect. Every team deals with injuries to key players, dropped catches, and mistakes. Great quarterbacks can overcome the obstacles put in their way.

Love needs to improve for the Packers to bounce back after the bye.

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