3 Packers on their way to being cut barring a late-season turnaround

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Aaron Jones

Releasing Aaron Jones would be a financial decision, but it could be a necessary one.

Early in the season, the Packers looked lost offensively without Jones. He was the star of the show in the Week 1 victory over the Chicago Bears, and Green Bay struggled to recapture that level of performance in the coming weeks without him.

However, the offense has found its way over the past month, powered by the play of Jordan Love and the young receivers.

Jones has struggled to stay healthy this season, missing five games as a result of hamstring and knee injuries.

His upcoming cap hit of $17.17 million puts the Packers in a tough spot. Green Bay could save almost $5 million by moving on. It all comes down to the team's confidence level in replacing him. Will they bring back AJ Dillon on a short-term contract? Can the Packers find a starting running back in the draft? Will they turn to free agency?

Losing Jones would hurt the offense, not just for his explosive plays on the field but for his leadership. However, the Packers will need to create cap space, and it seems unlikely they will leave Jones's contract as it is.

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