5 outcomes in Week 15 that will dramatically improve Packers playoff odds

Green Bay Packers
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The Green Bay Packers' playoff odds took a hit by losing to the New York Giants on Monday Night Football. However, they remain the seventh seed and control their destiny in the final four weeks of the regular season.

Green Bay is 6-7. Its remaining schedule includes matchups with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, and Chicago Bears. All four are winnable, but the loss to the Giants shows why nothing can be taken for granted in the NFL.

Green Bay enters Week 15 with a 50 percent chance of making the postseason, according to the New York Times playoff predictor.

That number will increase to 74 percent if these outcomes go the Packers' way this weekend.

Packers playoff rooting guide Week 15

Green Bay Packers defeat Tampa Bay Buccaneers

None of the other outcomes matter if the Packers can't win their own game. Green Bay is in a five-way tie in the wild-card race. The Packers may need to win out to clinch a playoff berth, although three out four will likely be enough.

They have to win their home games. Winning on the road isn't easy, and Green Bay heads to Minnesota on New Year's Eve. The Packers must win this game against the Bucs.

Cincinnati Bengals defeat Minnesota Vikings

Watching the Vikings stumble to a 3-0 win over the Las Vegas Raiders was about as frustrating as it gets. You'll find bigger scorelines in the Premier League. Despite struggling on offense all game, they stole a victory. The Packers are a game behind their division rivals in the wild-card standings.

The Bengals have surprisingly won their past two games without Joe Burrow. They can help the Packers by winning their third in a row on Saturday against the Vikings.

Carolina Panthers defeat Atlanta Falcons

Don't expect anything from the Panthers. They have one win for a reason. But an upset win over the Falcons would be great news for the Packers.

Atlanta has fallen out of the division lead in the NFC South. It enters the wild-card race and is tied with Green Bay at 6-7. The Falcons defeated the Packers earlier in the season, giving them the head-to-head tiebreaker in the event of a two-team tie. A Falcons loss would be helpful this week.

Washington Commanders defeat Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are potentially the Packers' biggest threat to a wild-card berth. While Green Bay holds the head-to-head advantage, Los Angeles is playing well. The Rams won three in a row and then forced overtime on the road against the Baltimore Ravens.

Sean McVay's team has a relatively comfortable schedule down the stretch. An upset win for Washington may be required.

Philadelphia Eagles defeat Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are in free fall, having lost four in a row. But they are still tied with the Packers at 6-7 and remain very much in the playoff mix. Green Bay needs Philadelphia to bounce back with a win of its own. The Eagles desperately need a victory to stay in the NFC East hunt.

Hopefully, they can hand the Seahawks a fifth straight loss.

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