7 winners (and 2 losers) for Packers after sweeping Bears to clinch playoff berth

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Loser: Anders Carlson

We don't want to focus too much on the negatives after such a great win, but the Packers have a kicking problem. Rookie Anders Carlson converted a 25-yard field goal and both of his extra-point tries, but he missed a 41-yard field goal on the Packers' opening drive. He has missed at least one kick in eight of the past 10 games, including five extra-points.

That's a concern entering the playoffs. His missed kick didn't cost Green Bay in Week 18, but it could in the postseason. Do the Packers have confidence in Carlson to step up and convert a 40-plus-yard attempt to beat the Cowboys next week? They have stuck by their rookie kicker, which is admirable, but it could cost them in the playoffs.

Loser: The refs

Rival fans often say the Packers get all the calls. That certainly wasn't true on Sunday. Outside of not throwing a flag for Jonathan Owens' hit on Justin Fields, just about every decision went Chicago's way.

DJ Moore "caught" a ball that appeared to bounce off the ground. The Packers reviewed, but the call stood. But when Bo Melton juggled a ball in the end zone but held on, they ruled it an incompletion.

The TV angle showed the Bears falling short on a fourth-and-1 attempt (even when the officials measured it), but the refs gave a first down. It should never have stood anyway because of a false start by a Bears lineman that didn't get called.

The same was true on a fourth-and-5. Multiple Packers defenders were flagged for jumping offside, with the officials not noticing the false start that made them move early.

The refs got a lot wrong on Sunday. Fortunately, it didn't cost the Packers.

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