7 winners (and 2 losers) for Packers in Week 11 win over Chargers

Green Bay Packers
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Loser: Jonathan Owens

Jonathan Owens led the Packers in tackles with eight, but his most notable play was the tackle he didn't make, resulting in a 51-touchdown to Chargers tight end Stone Smartt. A mistake in the secondary left Smartt wide open in the middle of the field. It was a first down, but it should never have gone for a touchdown.

Owens made arguably the worst tackle attempt of the season for the Packers, barely getting a hand on Smartt as the tight end ran right past him. Just like that, the Chargers had taken the lead on a 51-yard score less than three minutes after the Packers had found the end zone.

Loser: Anders Carlson

Should we be concerned about rookie kicker Anders Carlson?

Carlson was up-and-down throughout training camp but made the perfect start to the regular season, converting every kick in the opening five games. However, in the Packers' five games since the bye, Carlson has missed five kicks, including two against the Chargers.

The rookie missed a 52-yard field goal. There's no shame in that, but the concern is that it wasn't close. Carlson missed by a mile. He then missed his second extra-point try in as many weeks.

Carlson's inconsistent play from training camp has returned, and it's becoming an issue.

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