PFF speculates that former Packers first round pick may already be in job jeopardy

Definitely not bait, nope, no way.
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Let's panic! Let's all read someone's opinion and the internet and panic about it. I can think of nothing more rewarding than taking a small bit of slightly-spicy analysis and absolutely losing my mind over it. That's the entire point of spending my day on the interent, so I'm always glad when people make it easy for me.

That's why PFF is so invaluable. They know that I need real information and hot takes in equal amounts. They know that for every correct contract projection, I need someone telling me that a first round pick may already be close to losing his job.

And reader, they didn't disappoint. One of their more recent pieces from this week takes a look at '10 NFL players under pressure to perform in 2024.' How they managed to find 10 guys in the National Football League who were under some pressure to play well is beyond me. That's why they make the big bucks. No one else has it in them to confidently declare that Lukas Vann Ness may already be close to losing his spot in the edge rotation. Here's their rationale.

PFF may already be out on Lukas Vann Ness after one season

Green Bay spent a first-round pick on Van Ness, selecting him at No. 13 overall with the idea that he could slot in as a rotational edge rusher right away and eventually succeed somebody like Preston Smith ... He enters Year 2 under pressure to succeed and with fewer options than he had as a rookie, as fellow rookie Karl Brooks excelled on the inside in his first season, potentially removing a pathway to the interior rotation for Van Ness going forward.

"Potentially removing a pathway" is an all-time hedge, I simply must respect it. And maybe they end up being right about this – they do end up being right a lot of the time, I fear – but I'll take my chances with a first round pick who turned 23 literally two days ago. Also, four sacks and 32 tackles in 17 games (444 total snaps) with good run defense is ... totally fine for a rookie? There are bigger concerns to freak out about, but don't let that stop you from freaking out about this. Panicking about PFF is good for the soul.