Predicting NFL Draft locations for 2025, 2026 and beyond

NFL Draft
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The NFL Draft was hosted in New York City between 1965 and 2014. Since then, the league has taken the draft on a tour around the country to the homes of various NFL franchises.

This year, the 2024 NFL Draft will be hosted at the Campus Martius Park in Detroit, Michigan, just down the road from Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions. Recent host cities include Kansas City, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Tennessee.

The Green Bay Packers are on deck as the hosts of the 2025 NFL Draft, but where could the event be heading next?

Which cities will host upcoming drafts?

NFL Draft future locations predictions for 2025 and more

2025 NFL Draft: Green Bay, Wisconsin

OK, this one isn't a prediction. It has already been confirmed that the 2025 NFL Draft will be hosted in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on April 24-26, 2025.

According to the Packers, the draft "will take place in Green Bay inside and around iconic Lambeau Field and Titletown."

It promises to be a fascinating and unique draft that will stand out from other locations. According to Forbes, 312,000 people attended the 2023 NFL Draft in Kansas City—that's around three times the population of Green Bay. Watching draft prospects get drafted by the Packers at Lambeau Field will make the event even more special.

2026 NFL Draft prediction: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The NFL Draft has been hosted in the home cities of many iconic NFL franchises in recent years. The Pittsburgh Steelers could be next.

In February, the Steelers announced they had submitted a bid for Pittsburgh to host either the 2026 or 2027 NFL Draft. Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro is fully behind the bid. He sent a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to make a case for Pittsburgh hosting the draft.

Pittsburgh has hosted one NFL Draft back in 1947. It's about time the draft returned to the home of the Steelers.

2027 NFL Draft prediction: Cincinnati, Ohio

The draft could stay in the AFC North a year later. According to Jason Williams of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati is "targeting a 2027 bid" for the NFL Draft. The Bengals and Visit Cincy are serious about bringing the draft to Cincinnati.

According to Brian Planalp of FOX19, there are two potential locations for the draft to be held in Cincinnati.

"Future highway caps over Fort Washington Way or a future outdoor plaza/exhibition space on the former site of the Millennium Hotel," writes Planalp.

Had Green Bay not hosted the 2025 NFL Draft, it would've made a bid to host the 2027 event. But the Packers' first bid being successful clears a path for Cincinnati to host the draft two years later.

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