Preston Smith can only laugh at Bears player's ridiculous Packers prediction

Green Bay Packers, Preston Smith
Green Bay Packers, Preston Smith / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Step one: The Chicago Bears shout about how they are going to take over the NFC North. Step two: They lose to the Green Bay Packers.

There are few guarantees in life, but Bears fans and players talking trash about the Packers, only to never back it up, is one of them.

Montez Sweat, who the Bears only traded for during the 2023 season, is already making wild predictions about the Packers. Sweat was a guest on the "Green Light" podcast, where he predicted the Bears would finally end their 10-game losing streak to Green Bay.

"I'm letting you know right now man, I'm not losing to Green Bay this year," said Sweat. "I can't do it, I can't do it, man. I'm not losing to Green Bay this year. We've created a real rivalry over there."

Sorry, what? A real rivalry? The Packers haven't lost to the Bears since Mike McCarthy was in charge, not to mention Sweat made zero sacks or quarterback hits in Chicago's 17-9 loss at Lambeau Field in December. Sweat has lost three of four career games against the Packers, including his first with the Bears.

Preston Smith had the perfect response to Sweat's prediction.

Preston Smith shuts down Montez Sweat's prediction about Packers

If anyone knows how to beat the Bears, it's Preston Smith. He has a 12-0 career record against Chicago, including a 10-0 run with the Packers. Sweat said he isn't losing to Green Bay this season, and Smith had the perfect response.

"Yes you are bro so get ready," Smith wrote on X (formerly Twitter), followed by two laughing emojis.

Simple but effective. And history suggests Smith is correct.

Many Bears players (and fans) have made bold predictions about this "rivalry" in recent years. Remember when Justin Fields was better than Jordan Love and about to take over the NFC North? What about when Bears defensive tackle Justin Jones said he wanted to "go out there and beat the hell out" of the Packers, only to post zero tackles, sacks, QB hits, or anything in the season opener?

It's nothing new for Packers fans. We hear this every year. If the NFL handed out awards for "winning" the NFC North in the offseason, Bears fans wouldn't have to talk about 1985 so much. Unfortunately, the division title is won in December or January, which is usually when the Bears are busy preparing for the draft.

Sweat made an impact after being traded to Chicago last offseason, making six sacks and 14 QB hits in nine games. He made at least one sack or QB hit in six of those games.

Among the three he didn't? Week 18 at Lambeau Field.

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