Taylor Swift at Lambeau and 4 other top storylines ahead of Packers-Chiefs

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Will the Packers have a better answer for Chiefs defense?

Jordan Love's first NFL start came against Steve Spagnuolo's defense in 2021. The Packers had no answer as the Chiefs blitzed all game long. According to Pro Football Focus, Kansas City pressured Love 17 times in the game, and Matt LaFleur couldn't adjust.

LaFleur has said on multiple occasions that the offense's struggles that day were his fault and not Love's.

"I was more disappointed with myself and my staff than with any of our players in that game," said LaFleur on Monday.

LaFleur blamed himself for not making the necessary changes to the game plan. Love found out he had to fill in for Aaron Rodgers on short notice, but LaFleur said they kept the plan the same, even with their inexperienced quarterback running the offense.

Spagnuolo might not send as many zero blitzes Love's way this year, but they will bring a lot of pressure. According to Pro Football Reference, Kansas City blitzes on 34.4 percent of dropbacks, sixth-most in the NFL. And it works. The Chiefs rank second in pressure percentage.

The Packers need a better plan for a Chiefs defense that hasn't allowed more than 24 points all season and ranks fourth in passing yards allowed.

It's a significant test for not only Love, but LaFleur.