Complete Thursday Night Football schedule for 2024 NFL season

Which games are on Thursday Night Football in 2024?
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Let's take a closer look at the full Thursday Night Football schedule for the 2024 NFL season.

The NFL has announced the full schedule for the upcoming season, including all of the matchups scheduled for Thursday Night Football, which runs from Week 2 to 17.

Playing on Thursday night creates challenges for teams and coaches, giving them only three days between games. Coaches are often against it, although some players like playing on Thursday Night Football as it is followed by a mini-bye, allowing for additional rest and time off before their next game.

The quick turnaround between games gives coaches more to think about beyond just having less time to prepare. If a player is dealing with injury and is questionable for the previous week's game, do they hold them out, as there is another matchup only four days later?

From a fan's perspective, it's great to have additional football during the week, and the NFL tries to provide plenty of important and interesting matchups on Thursday nights.

Every team will feature on the Thursday Night Football schedule and can play a maximum of two games during the season.

2024 Thursday Night Football schedule





Bills at Dolphins

Sept. 12


Patriots at Jets

Sept. 19


Cowboys at Giants

Sept. 26


Bucs at Falcons

Oct. 3


49ers at Seahawks

Oct. 10


Broncos at Saints

Oct. 17


Vikings at Rams

Oct. 24


Texans at Jets

Oct. 31


Bengals at Ravens

Nov. 7


Commanders at Eagles

Nov. 14


Steelers at Browns

Nov. 21


Raiders at Chiefs (Black Friday)

Nov. 29


Packers at Lions

Dec. 5


Rams at 49ers

Dec. 12


Browns at Bengals

Dec. 19


Seahawks at Bears

Dec. 26

Can the NFL flex games out of Thursday Night Football?

Under the current rules, the short answer is yes, but only from Weeks 13-17. The NFL can only flex two games out of Thursday Night Football during this five-week window. That means these games are eligible to be moved to Sunday:

  • Week 14: Packers at Lions
  • Week 15: Rams at 49ers
  • Week 16: Saints at Rams
  • Week 17: Seahawks at Bears

There are other important factors. If a game is flexed out of TNF, the league will announce it no later than 28 days before the game, giving teams at least four weeks to adjust their plans.

It's also important to note that teams can only play on Thursday Night Football twice per season.

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