Top 10 Packers free agent signings of all-time ranked by AI

ChatGPT gets the list mostly right, but as ever, it makes some strange decisions.

Green Bay Packers v Cleveland Browns
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The Green Bay Packers have made some great (and some not-so-great) free agency signings over the years.

Ted Thompson rarely made big moves in free agency, but he did hit a couple of home runs. Current general manager Brian Gutekunst is more willing to spend money in free agency, and his track record is generally good, although there have been some misses (Jimmy Graham).

But which free-agent signings rank inside the top 10 for the Packers?

It's a difficult question to answer. Some are obvious: Reggie White is the clear number one. But rounding out the top 10 is more challenging.

So, we asked AI to help. Here is ChatGPT's take on the Packers' top 10 free agency signings of all-time.

Top 10 Packers free agency moves of all-time, according to ChatGPT

We asked ChatGPT a simple question, to rank the Packers' top 10 all-time free agency signings. Here is the list it provided:

  1. Reggie White
  2. Charles Woodson
  3. Julius Peppers
  4. Ryan Pickett
  5. Tramon Williams
  6. Santana Dotson
  7. Ryan Longwell
  8. Desmond Howard
  9. Jared Cook
  10. Za'Darius Smith

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As is often the case with AI, it gets some of it spot on, but there were some questionable decisions.

Let's start with the good: It's hard to argue with the top five. Reggie White is the right choice for No. 1, followed by Charles Woodson. They were both legendary players for the Packers and are among the greatest free agency signings of all-time by any team.

Julius Peppers is a solid choice for No. 3. He was a game-changer for the Packers' defense, making 25 sacks, 45 QB hits, two pick-sixes, and eight forced fumbles during his three-year stay in Green Bay. He made another 4.5 sacks, eight QB hits, and two forced fumbles in the playoffs, including one fumble that saved the Packers' season against the Dallas Cowboys.

But the top 10 is far from perfect.

Jared Cook? Really?

Yes, he made a stunning sideline grab in the playoff victory over the Cowboys, but that was about the only play of note during his one year in Green Bay. Cook played in 10 games, making 30 catches for 377 yards and one touchdown.

He makes the top 10 ahead of defensive end Sean Jones, who the Packers signed in 1994. Jones made 24.5 sacks and forced seven fumbles in three seasons. During his time in Green Bay, Jones was named a second-team All-Pro twice and helped the Packers win Super Bowl XXXI.

They were great achievements by Jones, but not quite 30 catches for 377 yards and one touchdown, is it?

This again proves that AI is (almost) very good, but it still has some work to do when it comes to Green Bay Packers history.

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