Updated Packers draft picks 2023: What did the Packers get for Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers RX3 Charity Flag Football
Aaron Rodgers RX3 Charity Flag Football / Aubrey Lao/GettyImages

Our long, regional-turned-national nightmare is over, as the Jordan Love Era is officially underway in Green Bay.

On Monday afternoon, the Packers and Jets consummated their Aaron Rodgers Trade, as white smoke emanated from the QB's darkness retreat signaling that he'd found a new team -- and a new number, No. 8, despite Joe Namath's blessing to wear his retired No. 12.

After weeks of compensation hangups, the Packers ended up with an additional second-round pick in 2023, as well as a swap of first-round picks for this season (and, yes, a conditional pick next year and future sixth rounder).

The most immediate impact -- other than the shock and awe of officially losing Rogers -- is the change in Thursday's draft order.

Updated Packers Draft Picks 2023

First Round, Pick 13*
* This was No. 15, up until a few minutes ago. Science!

Second Round, Pick 42 (also from the Jets!)

Second Round, Pick 45

Third Round, Pick 78

Fourth Round, Pick 116

Fifth Round, Pick 149 (Pick 170 is gone to the NYJ)

Sixth Round, Pick 207

Seventh Round: Picks 232, 235, 242, 256

We'll presume the Packers will shift some of those seventh-rounders around on draft day to further improve their position, especially as they enter a new era.

Will the Pack become immediate contenders without Rogers? Or will they enter Phase 1 of a rebuild? Either way, there's a chance for GM Brian Gutekunst to stack up -- and, hilariously, there's probably a higher likelihood this time around that he selects a wide receiver or dynamic tight end at No. 42. Got to give Love that security blanket, after all.

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