Lambeau Field should be prepped for a Super Bowl.

I agree, the Super Bowl should be played at Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field should be prepped to host a Super Bowl, don't you think? Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Lambeau Field should be prepped to host a Super Bowl, don’t you think?
Raymond T. Rivard photograph


Brian Davis is a die-hard fan of the Chicago Bears, but today I agree with him – not about the Bears and their goal to win another Super Bowl, but about his thoughts dealing with the venue for future Super Bowls and his column focusing on the fact that the big game should be held at Lambeau Field.

His column today was straight, to the point and just downright spot on.

You see, here’s what he said:

“I don’t care if Lambeau Field was on an island in the middle of the Arctic Circle, there is no place more worthy of hosting Super Bowls.

And guess what? So is every other stadium in the National Football League.”

His comments were spurred by the report yesterday that attributed New York Giants John Mara saying that the Super Bowl was good enough for Chicago, but never for Green Bay.

That ticked me off, not just because I’m a Packers fan, but because he had the balls to say that in light of the fact that he’s rolling in the Super Bowl dough in chilly New York while Lambeau Field sits dark and snow-covered.

Who wouldn't love seeing a Super Bowl Lambeau Leap?

Who wouldn’t love seeing a Super Bowl Lambeau Leap?

Not enough hotel rooms – that’s his reason for Green Bay not hosting a Super Bowl.

Really? That’s lame.

Then build the damn hotels. In fact, Wisconsin can do better – this state could even enlist the help of their friends to the south in this effort. Yes, if Chicago is going to host a Super Bowl, so should Green Bay. And Davis is right – so should every stadium in the National Football League.

Football is a tough game. It’s meant to be played in the elements. It’s made to be played in the rain, the sleet, the snow, the cold. It’s fans are tough. How many thousands of people claimed to have been at the Ice Bowl but were never near the city of Green Bay on that cold winter day in 1967? Who wouldn’t love saying they were at the Super Bowl held in Green Bay? … or Chicago? … or Denver? … or Buffalo?

Football isn’t for the faint of heart on any Sunday in September through December, so why, as Davis succinctly points out, should it be reserved only for the beautiful people in February?

It’s time for the elites to get the hell out of their luxury boxes and make room for the Joes who make this game the great spectacle that it is.

But it’s too cold in Green Bay? Tough.

Tell Mr. Mara that it’s too cold in New York, too.

And what about the hotel rooms? Well, build it and they will come. In fact, if Wisconsin leaders would think about what a Super Bowl could do for the state they

We would love to see the Lombardi Trophy hoisted at Lambeau Field.

We would love to see the Lombardi Trophy hoisted at Lambeau Field.

would have already proposed building an infrastructure that links Green Bay to Milwaukee, Madison, the Twin Cities, and Chicago. They should pump as many tourist dollars into the corridors between all these cities to incorporate high speed trains, hotels and a superhighway for cars and the Internet …

The Super Bowl is about more than hotel rooms; it’s about creativity, forward thinking, ingenuity, desire, and fortitude. It’s not just football. It’s the economy. It’s dollars and sense.

Hell, the state’s motto is “Forward.” Let’s move it in that direction.

So, yes, our Bears fan, Mr. Davis, is absolutely right. The Super Bowl should be held at every stadium across the league, including that outpost in Green Bay.

And by the way, the forecast for Green Bay on this coming Super Bowl Sunday? A high of 9 degrees. The forecast for New York City? 39 degrees. The forecast for Chicago? 16 degrees. It seems to me, all three of those cities’ forecasts are perfect for a football game.

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  • Jack Brzezinski

    I agree, the super bowl should be in Green Bay. Today i was watching a show on FS1. One of the panelists ( who was a former player) said that this is a bad idea. It wasnt because of the weather or hotels either, it was cuz of the stadium placement!! I found it ridiculous, he said that because it was right in peoples backyards and it was bad placement and that it shouldnt be in Green Bay. Although this probably doesnt make much sense, i needed to say it and vamp a little bit. If the actual game works well in New York( as i think it will) I dont see why it couldnt be held in Chicago or Green Bay. Green Bay and Lambeau IS football, and I don’t think stadium placement would be a good reason to keep the NFL’s biggest game out of Green Bay. I really dont see it as that vaild of an argument at all

  • billy

    Nope…the infrastructure doesn’t exist and they won’t be building it for one game…plus if i ever get to go to a Super Bowl i hope its in a warm weather site so i can have a nice vacation, not the same crappy weather i have to deal with six months out of the year….