Grant Threatens Holdout


As the offseason progresses for the Packers, someone other than Brett Favre gets involved in the news.  Sensational running back Ryan Grant, a one-year wonder so far, is threatening to holdout of training camp if he does not receive a new long-term deal.  According to Grant’s agent, Alan Herman, Grant deserves this:

"“You would think that it would not be that difficult to get done,” Herman said. “I think we’re trying to do that. Overall, the majority of the money we’re willing to put into performance-based pay. The better he does, the more money he makes. It’s a no-brainer. “Ryan’s done everything to be professional about this. You see other people around the league not showing up (for off-season workouts). Ryan didn’t have to show up, but he did.”"

I think Grant does deserve a longer contract than the one-year, $370,000 contract he was offered, as he basically made the season last year, but he was inconsistent.  I’m not sure what kind of money he wants, but he has to realize that the Packers are basically under an all out assault right now.  The team needs to sign five more draft picks before training camp opens Sunday while the media is scrutinizing their every move in the Favre saga.  Having Grant in camp and on the team would make the transition to Aaron Rodgers much, much easier.  Brandon Jackson is lurking, but Grant is the man in Green Bay, and he needs to be in camp.