Madden 09: The Snafu


I really feel for John Madden.  Not really, actually, but I’ll just pretend to.  I mean, it’s obvious he had wanted former Green Bay Packers quarterback/epic mancrush Brett Favre on the cover of his Madden video game series for a long, long time.  But Favre was too smart of a business man and he knew that if he appeared there, he was screwed.  Not that it really mattered anyway, as the Pack Attack still had some down years with Favre at the helm.  But anyway, back to Madden.  He tried and tried and tried, but was denied until Favre made is ultimate short-lived decision to retire, at which we can only speculate at how distraught Madden was and whether or not he broke down on his knees in tears.

All of a sudden, Madden gets an idea.  Favre’s retired.  The curse won’t affect him.  Perfect!  Put that gunslinger from Southern Mississippi with the boyish enthusiasm and the rocket arm on the cover for Madden 09!  All of his wildest dreams were realized.  Or so he thought.  All of a sudden, Favre has an itch.  Of course, we all know Madden would gladly scratch it, no matter where it was located, but unfortunately, it was not that kind of itch.  And Favre came back.  With the New York Jets.

Oh shit.

The golden boy is on the cover in a Packers jersey, yet he now plays for the Jets.  He was supposed to be the first retired player to appear on the cover, but he unretired.  I’m not even sure if he is on the game (I had heard rumors he was placed in free agency).  So ultimately, it’s a snafu.  Or a faux pas.  Or some other fancy word.

I wonder if Aaron Rodgers is going to buy the game.

Bada bing, I got it!

The Madden Curse!

Everyone was wondering how he was supposed to get cursed if he was retired.  I think the favorite was a tractor accident.

Of course!

The Madden Curse curses retired players by giving them an itch to come back and play, which they ultimately do!

But now we have to see how it affects his performance on the field…