Things Packers Fans Should Be Thankful For


Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving Packer Fans!

My name is Scott Allen.  I am lead blogger for the Arizona Cardinals site, Raising Zona.  I am subbing this weekend for Daniel while he was called away on family business.  I hope you and your friends and family are finding many things to be thankful for on this holiday.  As a Cardinals fan, I have plenty to be thankful for this season.  As an outsider looking in, If I were a Packers fan, there are several things I think Packers fans should be thankful for.

Let’s start with Aaron Rodgers.  I know there are people on both sides of this fence.  There are those that yearn for the Brett Favre days and there are those that are ready to turn that corner and start anew – even with Favre’s Jets thriving at an 8-3 record and Green Bay in danger of missing the playoffs this season at 5-6.  Listen, I get the fact Brett is having a good season, he had a good season last year in Green Bay as well.  I know Rodgers has had his share of mistakes this season.  However, he knows the system, in my mind is in the top half of starters in this league, and doesn’t fold under pressure.  It’s a lot to ask someone who for all intent and purpose, is in his rookie season.  Sitting on the bench the past couple of years gave him perspective but not experience.  Be thankful for Aaron Rodgers.  He will eventually take you places – the same places Favre did.

You’re in the NFC North.  Hey at 5-6, you still have a shot to win the division.  You’re only a game back of Minnesota and Chicago and you split with Minnesota, are 1-0 so far against the Bears with one left to play, and the remaining schedule is very favorable.  The Packers still have Carolina, which looks to be the toughest game remaining, however it is at home.  Then they have Houston at home, Jacksonville on the road, at Chicago, and finish at home against Detroit.  I like that proposition.  The Pack could easily go 4-1 in that stretch and finish 9-7, which might win this division.  Be thankful for the NFC North.

For the fans.  Green Bay has some of the best fans in the NFL.  Good or bad, the Packers are loved and that is rare in sports.  I live in a city that for the most part is fair weather when it comes to its teams, well at least when it comes to the Cardinals.  I am not one of those people and that’s why I do what I do.  I bleed Cardinal red and love the game of football.  I’m native Phoenician and have been on the Cardinals side since 1988 when they came to town.  You have a rich history with the Packers and sellout all your games (something that has finally happened over the past three seasons in Arizona).  Be thankful you back the Pack.

I hope you and your families have a lot more to be thankful on this holiday.  However you have the Pack and that is a lot to be thankful for right there.  Once again, Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your holiday!  Look at it this way, it could be worse – you could be in Detroit!  Ughghh….

Go Pack!

Scott Allen