T-Minus 3 Days: Odds On Favorites


I recently came upon these odds on the Packers draft picks from Bodog.  Take a look.

"Who will be the ninth player (Green Bay Packers) selected in the NFL draft?B.J. Raji EvenBrian Orakpo 7/2Aaron Maybin 4/1Tyson Jackson 8/1Robert Ayers 10/1"

I have to say, some of these really worry.  4/1 on Maybin?  I cannot see Ted Thompson grabbing him at all.  He weighed 230 pounds in college and has put on weight, but how will he play with this weight?  Too many question marks surround him.  He’s young, inexperienced, and has a drastically changing body.  In my mind, he has bust written all over him on here.  That being said, having B.J. Raji and Brian Orakpo as the top two on the odds makes me smile, as these are the two defensive players I want the Packers to pick up.  I officially have mancrushes on them now.  Thompson needs to pick them up.

More and more people are expecting the Packers to pick up Tyson Jackson in a pick that starts to make more and more sense.  This guy was off my radar for the longest time and is slowly working his way up the draft boards.  He isn’t flashy, but will get the job done as an interior defensive lineman no matter where he goes.  He doesn’t carry as much risk as say Orakpo or Raji.  I still feel Orakpo and Raji will be the best fit for the Packers defense.

The scariest guy on here is Robert Ayers.  Remember the last time the Packers picked a defensive lineman from Tennessee with a first round pick?  Yeah, hasn’t worked out too well so far.  Ayers barely played before the 2008 season and pushed up his draft stock with a strong pro day and Senior Bowl.  This seems to be way too much of a reach for Thompson.

I’d take those even odds on Raji.