Jclombardi grades the 2009 Season Packers.

Jclombardi grades the 2009 Season Packers.

Jclombardi grades the 2009 Season Packers.

Packers: 2009 Season Grades


Jclombardi grades the 2009 Season Packers.


QB: Rodgers: Rodgers had solid statistical numbers with some bad spotty early game performances. He has become a top quarterback, but he must improve in critical game situations to with games. GRADE: A-. Flynn: He has had little playing time. GRADE: Inc.

RB: Grant: After a slow start, he finished strong. GRADE: B. Jackson: He has become an all-around back. GRADE: B. Green: He passed Taylor to become Packers’ leading rusher. GRADE: B. Wynn: put on I.R. Grade: D.

WR: Jennings: After a slow start, he had a great year. GRADE: B+. Driver: He is a solid veteran gamer, but he faded at the end. GRADE: B. Jones: He has improved to be a solid 3rd receiver. GRADE: C+. Nelson: He is a solid 4th receiver. GRADE: C.

FB: Kuhn: He is a solid pass catcher and average blocker. GRADE: C. Hall: Although injured throughout the year, he is a good blocker. GRADE: C. Johnson: The rookie bruiser progressed and must learn to catch the ball. GRADE: C.

OL: Clifton: He has not been able to stay healthy, can pass protect well, and is liability in run schemes. GRADE: C+. Colledge: He looked inconsistent with up & down games. GRADE: C-. Wells: He had good and bad games. GRADE: C+. Evan Dietrich-Smith: He did adequate sub work at center and guard. GRADE: C. Sitton: He has a solid future at right guard. GRADE: B+. Barbre: He cannot pass protect on the edge but adequate in run schemes GRADE: D. Spitz: After a disappointing early start, he got injured onto IR. GRADE: B-. Tauscher: In his midseason return, he saved the offensive line. GRADE: B. Lang: The rookie has struggled, needs to get stronger, and has a solid future. GRADE: C+.

TE: Finley: He has a stellar future as a go-to-player. GRADE: B+. Lee: His slipped blocking, dropped big passes, and faded at the end. GRADE: C-. Havner: He developed into a solid receiver and special teams player. GRADE: B-.


DL: Jenkins: He excelled against average competition, disappeared against good competition, and provides a pass rush. GRADE: B-. Jolly: He had an outstanding season. GRADE: B+. Pickett: He is the best interior lineman. GRADE: A-. Montgomery: He is simply an average player with no impact GRADE: D-. Raji: After a slow start, the rookie progressed and must improve to potential. GRADE: C+. Wynn: The rookie had a disappointing year. GRADE: C-.

LB: Matthews: The rookie is a solid future star. GRADE: A-. Barnett: He had a solid year coming back from knee injury. GRADE: B. Hawk: He had an inconsistent up and down season. GRADE: C. Kampman: His transition to the 3-4 defense was a shocking misfit and was injured onto IR. GRADE: C. Chillar: He had an early solid start but injury slowed performance. Grade: C+. Bishop: He is solid backup not-yet-ready for prime time but must avoid costly game mistakes. GRADE: C. Jones: The rookie has shown great potential after replacing injured Kampman. GRADE: C+. Thompson: He is just an average backup defensive player. GRADE: D. Poppinga: He faded to proper backup status. GRADE: D. 

DB: Woodson: The all-pro defensive player had a great leader-of-the-defense year. GRADE: A. Harris: The slowing veteran had a decent year until his injury onto IR. GRADE: B-. Williams: He is a good future starter. GRADE: B. Underwood: The rookie is improving to be a future dime back. GRADE: D. Bush: He is just an awful coverage player lacking skills and instincts. GRADE: F. Bigby: He had a very average year. GRADE: C-. Collins: The all-pro defensive player had a solid year. GRADE: B+. Giordano: He was mainly inactive after his midseason pickup. GRADE: D. Martin: He looked awful in coverage but a solid special teams player. GRADE: C-.

Specialists: Crosby: For his good talent, he had an inconsistent year with a kicking problem making field goals from the right hash mark. GRADE: C. Kapinos: He is an awful punter. GRADE: D-. Goode: He is a solid long snapper. GRADE: B.