Jclombardi previews Packers 2010 draft.

Jclombardi previews Packers 2010 draft.

Packers: Draft Needs And Potential Selections


Jclombardi previews Packers 2010 draft.

Returning from a long tour trip on the road, I am back with 2010 Draft Day preview to help fans get beyond the nauseating carp reported about the combine. The “I got press pass to the combine and join me” wannabes bloggers, “nickel and dime” GM TT, and “classy” Packers press are laughable examples, but it’s time to get quality views about the potential scenarios for draft day.

The Packers have predictable draft needs in several positions listing the top six picks available:


1 Okung, OT, Oklahoma StateSr, 6-5, 305
2 Davis, OT, RutgersJr, 6-6, 330
3 Bulaga, OT, IowaJr, 6-6, 312
4 Williams, OT, OklahomaSr, 6-5, 315
5 Campbell, OT, MarylandJr, 6-7, 310
6 Brown, OT, USCSr, 6-6, 296

COMMENTARY: Okung is top 10 and Williams and Davis are top 20,” another AFC scout said. “Bulaga is maybe top 20. It’s an excellent, an outstanding group of tackles.” Another view: Veldheer, Division II player from Hillsdale College who finished among the top 10 offensive linemen in all five tests…and measured in at the combine at 6-feet-8 1/8 and 312 pounds, came into the weekend as probably a late second-round to third-round prospect.


1 Kindle, OLB, TexasSr, 6-4, 254
2 Weatherspoon, OLB, MissouriSr, 6-1, 235
3 Sapp, OLB, ClemsonSr, 6-4, 246
4 Bowman, OLB, Penn StateJr, 6-1, 228
5 Hughes, OLB, TCUSr, 6-2, 258
6 Norwood, OLB, South CarolinaSr, 6-1, 255

COMMENTARY: If available, the Pack may take pass rusher OLB Hughes at 53. Another view–“a few Packers fans with visions of Michigan’s Graham, possibly the top-rated outside linebacker in the draft, going to the Packers at No. 23 and lining up opposite Matthews for years to come.”  Another view–Morgan, Georgia Tech (6-3, 266), one of the best pass rushers in this draft. Pierre-Paul, South Florida (6-5, 270), probably more physically talented than Morgan and Graham.


1 Haden, CB, FloridaJr, 5-11, 185
2 Robinson, CB, Florida StateSr, 5-11, 190
3 Wilson, CB, Boise StateSr, 5-10, 187
4 Warren, CB, MichiganJr, 6-0,   182
5 Cox, CB Oklahoma StateSr, 6-1,   196
6 Jackson, CB, AlabamaJr, 5-11, 185

COMMENTARY:  In all probability, eight cornerbacks or more will be taken in the first three rounds.   If available, the Pack may take either physical Warren or return specialist Cox.Ideally, Harris rebounds from his injury, Blackmon recovers to reclaim his return job and serve as an emergency corner in sub packages, and Lee [or replacement serves] to back up Williams as the nickel back.”


1 Eric Berry, S, TennesseeJr, 6-0, 195
2 Earl Thomas, S, TexasS, 5-10, 195
3 Taylor Mays, S, USCSr, 6-4, 225
4 Nate Allen, S, South FloridaSr, 6-2, 206
5 Larry Asante, S, NebraskaSr, 6-1, 210
6 Reshad Jones, S, GeorgiaJr, 6-2, 207

COMMENTARY: Some experts pick the Pack to take a solid safety prospect like S Mays from USC. 

Punters–COMMENTARY: With the Packers looking at punters, especially in the later rounds, the available choices include Dodge from East Carolina or Mesko from Michigan.

Who the Packers talked to at the combine, so far:

  • Return specialist Holliday, LSU
  • Punter Dodge, East Carolina
  • Tackle Black, LSU
  • Punter Mesko, Michigan
  • Tackle Veldheer, Hillsdale College
  • Cornerback Cox, Oklahoma State

Next week, I contribute to a mock draft. I’ll let you know the mock draft’s results for the Packers.