Jclombardi muses about Packers Blogs Rankings.

Jclombardi muses about Packers Blogs Rankings.

Packers: Blogs Rankings


Jclombardi muses about Packers Blogs Rankings.

Recent, CHTV and Total Packers did rankings about the top Packers blogs in the Packers Blogosphere.   Now, for its rankings, CHTV’s criteria: “Relevant, timely information delivered with a clear strong voice. A dedication to Packer fans that includes posting often during the off-season and every day during the season. These qualities separate the bench warmers from the starters.”   Now, as amusing as this subjective criteria sounds to great bloggers and writers, Total Packers responded with its list based upon its own traffic criteria.  Shockingly, Lombardi Ave, Packers Gab, & PBB were not mentioned in either “elite Packers blogs” list.  “Oh, the humanity of it all!” 

Now, the biggest laugh was “Mr. Personality” B.C.’s response:  “Furthermore, McMahon calls Packers coverage watered down, which I find inaccurate. And then this: ‘The problem I’ve always had with most Packers blogs is they try to be news reporters. If I want to read Packers news, I’ll go to the Journal Sentinel or the Press Gazette.’ Outside of this website and maybe Acme Packing Company, I largely disagree.

Anyway, the fans begged this famous Packers lead blogger to prepare an accurate top rankings of Packers blogs based upon the lack of vanity, suck-ups, and egos with emphasis on quality narrative writings lacking awful trivia ramblings, delusional self-importance, fancy graphics, and geek heads.  Thus, after great soul searching and an unbiased professional review of the major Packers blogs with the help of an oracle,  the official Packernation list ranking the Packers Blogs is complete:

Lombardi Ave

Packer Gab

Packer Backer Blog

JSOnline Packers Blog

Packers Insiders (Green Bay Press Gazette)

Acme Packing Company

Jason Wilde’s Blog (ESPN Milwaukee)

Ol Bag of Donuts

Packers Chatters

Total Packers

NFL Fanhouse Aol Packers blog

Green Bay Packer Nation

Packer Geeks

Packer Palace


Cheesehead TV

Jersey Al’s Packers Blog

Whew!   That was tough, fans!

Now, as the song says (and figure it out), “My fans they can’t wait!”