Packers: Jclombardi’s News Links


Jclombardi reviews Packers News Headlines.

ESPN: Sabol presents a great review of classic NFL legends including the Packers legend Bart Starr with a brief good description: Classiest Competitor: Bart Starr–If gallantry, generosity and humility were lost in the world, they could be found again in this Hall of Fame quarterback.  You should take a look especially at the iconic cover photos.

Rodgers compared to Starr: Meanwhile, in an amusing comparison, Rodgers is compared to Starr in a blogger’s question: “Is Aaron Rodgers a Rising Starr?”   Lombardi Ave will let fans know at the end of NFL 2010 season, as the only statistic that counts is winning the rings.

Scout: The site continues its power rankings of the Packers roster discussing LB Bishop. While bloggers argue about his future bit roles, the Packers do need Bishop in various positive multiple roles.  Bishop has a great deal more upsides than any downsides.

Implications of Jolly’s suspension: Bloggers are debating the implications of the Jolly suspension on the Packers defense and its roster. Jersey Al called Jolly’s suspension a blessing in disguise.  Most bloggers, including your own Lombardi Ave and Pocket Doppler, said that the Packers prepared for this loss drafting DE Neal and DE Wilson.  Two bloggers focus upon the future role of “near bust” DT Harrell. Many bloggers hope DT Harrell can make a backup roster contribution at DE or DT.  We have no argument with this hope.  Meanwhile, with training camp starting next week, the roster will sort itself out for many “potential”  players getting another chance.  

Packers Golf: During this past weekend, members tied to the Packers organization, including LB Hawk and QB Rodgers, attended the American Century Championship Tournament.  Who cares?  They can send a check to jclombardi too.

Lori: She has an amusing “railbird’s guide to training camp” article with great quotes.  Fans should check it out for its unique approach getting quotes from former and current  players and coachers.

Lori: Meanwhile, Lori ran another “Keeping the Packers staph free” story.   OK.

Hall of Fame: During the past weekend, the Packers Hall of Fame ceremonies were held with good stories especially about Churma, Fleming, and Koch with commentaries  (GBPG’s MV). 

Favre watch: “It’s Hard to Believe that Favre Won’t return.”   Who can argue with that?

Breaking down defensive line:  We agree with APC and PackerWorld Central that the defensive line starters should be DE Pickett, NT Raji, and DE Jenkins with Neal, (maybe) Wilson, and (maybe) Harrell as backup reserves. 

Pass coverage defensive issue: In a brilliant analysis, BC at CHTV does a good job pointing out that our pass coverage remains problematic at LB and DB positions.  While we agree with his points, we add that we need a bigger inside rush and rookie SS Burnett may improve things too. We agree with the Packers hope about Lee, Underwood, and Burnett. 

Remember, as the song says (and figure it out), “My fans, they can’t wait.”   Life’s been good!