Packers: “OMG!” Favre News


Jclombardi: Favre & subculture of women preying on heroes.

Legendary NFL QB Favre is now associated with hearsay stories of infidelity similar to the stories about the disgraced golfer Tiger Woods.  The latest news in the legendary QB Favre NFL primetime story got an AC, SC, & AL ratings with the Deadspin story–“Favre Once Sent Me C… Shots: Not A Love Story” about the Versus’ reporter Sterger.  She claimed that Favre had “phone-donged” her.  “Phone-donging” is a colloquialism about individuals who send pictures of a person’s penis through cell phone text messages.   Generally, this type of inside sports story is a yawner to an expert analyst of the sports culture and the subculture of women who prey on sports athletes.  Meanwhile, Sterger “shockingly” claimed:

"She gets those  types of cell phone interactions by drunk men including professional athletes.  One person who was very into cell phone-donging her was Favre. Now, at one point in his career, this news wouldn’t be too surprising. Favre’s time in Green Bay is littered with stories about his boozing and carousing. But gray-haired Favre? Oh yeah, she said.  There’s no real evidence that Favre’s been horndoggin’ it throughout the latter part of his NFL career. Maybe he was just lonely while he spent time in New York and sought some companionship with Sterger who does resemble his wife."

Of course this is simply high sports society gossip at its  worst reminding us of Deadspin’s similar story about the catered sexual habits of pro athletes.  Who cares? It is just another story detailing the usually hidden high life world about money and sex behind the scenes in the sports business. Gee, we wondered how Sterger humped (pardon the pun) her way to her current sports Versus’ job?  Hmmm, we enclose an amusing bio hint from the Deadspin story itself:

"Sterger is a formerly buxom Florida State Cowgirl who gained internet notoriety for being a buxom Florida State fan who parlayed that popularity into a full-time career. She did Maxim shoots. Playboy shoots. She wrote a “Confessions of a Cowgirl” column for Sports Illustrated. Then, in 2008, Sterger joined the Jets as an in-house sideline reporter."

Commentary: Yawn! While this is inside sports reporting at its worst, the jokes about it reached new lows in twitter with anti-Favre blogs, e.g. “Who Wants To See Favre’s C…?”  We end this self-serving nonsense ratings story with an amusing scene from the Steinfeld television series: