Rodgers: Far from the hype


Aaron Rodgers is an elite QB. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Bucky Brooks posted an interesting take on Aaron Rodgers today at – one that has raised more than one eyebrow among those who have watched the Packers’ quarterback week in and week out since he became a starter three years ago.
Brooks’ entire thesis is built around the opening line of his piece: “Don’t believe the hype.”
What hype?
The fact that Rodgers has thrown for more than 4,000 yards in two of those three years and only missed that milestone by 80 yards this past season because he was out of commission with a concussion for a game and one-half?
The fact that he literally led an injury depleted team with no running game through the final three games of last season and through the playoffs as the last seed and onto a Super bowl win on the strength of his arm and playmaking abilities?
The fact that he won that Super Bowl by taking his team down the field late in the game, dismantling one of the best defenses in the league?
The fact that he took over a program following in the footsteps of the most popular player in franchise history and the face of the NFL and built a presence of his own?
He hasn’t done that through hype … He’s done it with God-given abilities, a gifted coaching staff, a front office that knows how to put talent around him, and a self-confidence that is second to none.
Brooks says that the talented receiving corps has made Rodgers what he is today … Well, DUH! what about Brady, Manning, and Brees? Do they not have talent around them? What about Randy Moss or Wes Welker? What about Reggie Wayne or Marvin Harrison? What about Marques Colston and Devrey Henderson? Are they just pedestrian receivers?
I think not.
What bothers me most is that Brooks considers all this and still thinks that Rodgers may be a step below Phillip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger .. Well, I will give Brooks points on the Big Ben argument … But Rivers? Are you kidding me?
Phillip “I throw like a girl” Rivers hasn’t won anything but the hearts of the San Diego cheerleaders. Take a quick look at who Rivers has been competing against – the AFC West – now that’s a funny one. Though the division is showing signs of vast improvement in the coming years, those teams have been the laughingstock of the league for years.
Rivers hasn’t won anything in the postseason and probably never will. To even consider that Rivers is better than Rodgers is like saying Brandon Jackson is better than Adrian Peterson.
Granted, Rodgers hasn’t built the body of work that Brady, Manning, and even Brees and Roethlisberger, but he has as many championships as Manning and Brees already and has played only three seasons as a starter.
To say Rodgers is only living in hype is simply baffling.
Rodgers can easily play another 10 years in the league and if he continues to track along the same route could easily win another couple of championships. In fact, when All is said and done, Rodgers could easily overshadow Favre in Green Bay. He may never match Favre in some records only because of the old man’s longevity, but I would bet a week’s salary that Rodgers wins more championships – the true measure of greatness.
I can also guarantee that Rodgers will never throw as many interceptions!
So, call it hype if you like … I would call it talent … In fact, I will call it what it really is … Greatness.