NFL: More action than a whorehouse on a Saturday night … But a ho-hummer in Green Bay


Are you trying to keep up with all the news around the NFL?

Don’t try … your head will explode.

However, some of the happenings with the Packers is nothing short of a bad mid-afternoon matinee … without the Ma and Pa Kettle and Three Stooges shorts and the Woody Woodpecker cartoon.

Good God, there’s nothing happening in the Packers camp, let alone the obvious.

Yesterday’s announcement that Nick Barnett was going to either be released or traded has faded into no action, the Cullen Jenkins to Washington Redskins deal fizzled and there’s still no word about James Jones, John Kuhn or Brandon Jackson. Aside from mild interest from the Vikings for Jones, there has been no talk whatsoever.

So, let’s see … what have the Packers done? Well, they did wrap up Mason Crosby for a gob of money … let’s hope his leg doesn’t fold under the weight of it … and they let Daryn Colledge go to Arizona for a big price tag and Brandon Jackson slinks off to Cleveland … that I don’t have any problems with …

And so what about James Jones, John Kuhn and Cullen Jenkins? Has there been no interest in these three players? Will Ted Thompson sneak in the back door at the last minute and re-sign them for a song? It’s not out of the question considering what’s been happening in the NFL the past few days.

Lord, there’s been more action throughout the league the past couple of days than at a Texas whorehouse on a Saturday night.

But the homebodies in Green Bay have done just about nothing … as was expected. We went into the free agency period knowing it was going to be a ho-hummer in the state of Wisconsin. That’s just not the way Thompson operates. To his credit, he knows football players, he knows talent and he knows how to acquire players that fit into Mike McCarthy’s system. He’s proven it with a Super Bowl title.

It’s just a little wearing watching so many other teams making the sexy trades, the big name signings and gladhanding the press with platitudes about gathering the final piece of the puzzle to put them over the top to a Super Bowl title.

Hmmmm … only two teams make it to the Super Bowl and only one wins it. Does the acquisition of a couple of players make that big of a difference?

The Packers proved last year it doesn’t.

The difference between talent levels from team to team is miniscule. Success in the NFL is all about coaching acumen, evaluating where players best fit and game planning.

Oh, and in the meantime, it’s also about being in the right place at the right time to acquire players that fit into a system and a locker room … clearly they don’t have to be the big named players.

Without a lot of holes to fill, the Packers don’t need to chase the dollar players … they will find ways to plug in players who buy into the team concept, whether it’s shifting around the offensive and defensive lines to make up for the losses of Daryn Colledge or Cullen Jenkins, whether it’s reaching deeper into the roster to find a running back to add in place of a Jackson or Kuhn; whether it’s grooming one or two stud receivers to add to the cadre of pass catchers already on the roster.

But by the end of the week, it would really be nice to know whether these Packer free agents will be playing in Green Bay or elsewhere … at least let’s have a little news from Packers News … please?

Stay tuned …