Chargers blogger picks upset over Packers

facebooktwitterreddit recently quizzed San Diego Chargers blogger Ernie Padaon about Sunday’s match-up with the Green Bay Packers.

The following is our Q&A:

Q. Philip Rivers has not played as well this year as in past years. Some say he might be hiding an injury. What do you feel is his issue?

A. If there were a Rivers injury, it would have happened in the second game of the season when he was hit from a New England Patriots player. The play resulted in an unnecessary roughness penalty and you could see that Rivers was shaken after the hit.

Most likely Rivers’ issue is from him pressing and not getting enough work in with his top two receivers. If you check the injury report every week, at least one of his receivers is missing practice. Rivers has always been a gambler, but his accuracy has been a little off with his players and those are resulting in his interceptions. He should be getting his act together soon though.

Q. The injury bug seems to have hit the Chargers. Does the team have the depth to make a run at the division title?

A. We have good depth on the team, but any more injuries could result in some practice guys playing more time. That is NEVER a good sign. We already had to use one of the practice squad guys, Curtis Brinkley, in the running attack last week and he did a good job. If we get any more injuries on the defensive side of the ball, it could get real ugly real fast for us.

Q. What do you feel will be the Chargers’ defensive approach in stopping the Packers’ offense?

A. They will probably hope to just hold you to field goals. We have had a bend but don’t break defense all year and it’s not going to change for this game. We hope that you make a mistake, otherwise we just hope to hold you to a field goal.

Q. The Packers’ defense has been gashed for big plays in the first half of the season. Do you feel the Chargers have enough weapons to exploit the Packers?

A. Big plays have been our specialty over the years with players like Vincent Jackson, Malcom Floyd and Antonio Gates. If Rivers can find his accuracy, expect to get gashed again.

Q. The Packers have been slow starters this year. If the Chargers get a quick lead, what will be their defensive approach to keep the lead?

A. Hopefully it means that the Chargers keep pouring it on as far as the offensive side of the ball. Our backup TE Randy McMichael spoke to the public saying that we let off of the gas against the Jets in the second half and that is why we lost. You heard of the prevent defense, we ran the prevent offense.

Q. Predictions for the game?

You can call me crazy after my prediction. Philip Rivers looked like he was starting to get that magic back in the final quarter of the Kansas City game until he fumbled the ball to lose the game. Rivers should be able to carry some confidence from that and bring it into this game. Norv Turner is a different coach in the month of November, he has won his last eight ball games in this month and the team seems to find their rhythm by this time. I will be a true homer and call for the upset special.

Chargers 34 – Packers 28

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