Twitter treats from last nights’s Packers vs. Vikings game


Following along on Twitter during the Packers game is a treat.

There are those who are brutally honest about the happenings in the game. Some are witty and some just plain deadpan.

I thought it might be fun to give just a taste of what was posted last night during the Vikings vs. Packers game.


Rob Demovsky (@RobDemovsky)
11/14/11 6:00 PM
The scene from Lambeau Field before tonight’s #Packers#Vikings game.
Green Bay Packers (@packers)
11/14/11 7:46 PM
Cobb first rookie in GB history to have a 100-yard KR, 80-yard PR in same season.

Green Bay Packers (@packers)
11/14/11 8:01 PM
Packers up 14-0, 5:02 remain in 1Q. Drive: 11 plays, 70 yards, 4:53 time of possession. 24-yard TD pass to Jennings

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Mike Vandermause (@MikeVandermause)
11/14/11 8:01 PM
Randall Cobb first #Packers rookie to return kickoff and punt for touchdown in same season.

Jason Wilde (@jasonjwilde)
11/14/11 8:04 PM
That was Rodgers’ 25th touchdown pass of the season, Jennings’ seventh TD catch.

Kareem Copeland (@kareemcopeland)
11/14/11 8:16 PM
Longwell is short. The 5 yards killed him.

Green Bay Packers (@packers)
11/14/11 8:16 PM
Watch Randall Cobb’s 80-yard punt return for a touchdown (video):

Hannah O’Brien (@HannOBrien)
11/14/11 8:29 PM
Reports of a fight or two in the stands at #Lambeau. Officers have made a few ejections so far. #Packers #Vikings
gbpressgazette (@gbpressgazette)
11/14/11 8:29 PM
#Packers 17, #Vikings 0: Mason Crosby, 25-yd field goal, 12:04 left in 2nd quarter.
Michelle Tuckner (@MichelleTuckner)
11/14/11 8:30 PM
Crosby now has made 23 straight FGs, it’s good from 25. #Packers 17 Vikings 0. 9 plays 51 yards 4:10
Faux John Madden (@FauxJohnMadden)
11/14/11 8:29 PM
Brett Favre can throw the ball 80 yards. Aaron Rodgers can throw Brett Favre further.
Green Bay Packers (@packers)
11/14/11 8:30 PM
For Crosby, 25-yard FG is his 23rd straight., longest current NFL streak. Drive: 9 plays, 51 yards, 4:10 time of possession.

Jackie Stern (@Pack80_Brew8)
11/14/11 8:28 PM
I have come to the conclusion that Viking fans smell really bad.

Ross Tucker (@RossTuckerNFL)
11/14/11 8:30 PM
Brett Favre is surprised that Aaron Rodgers hasn’t already won this game
The Packer Ranter (@PackerRanter)
11/14/11 8:45 PM
Like James Tiberius Kirk, Charles Woodson commands respect. #nerdyweey

✔ Bears Still Suck (@Ca_via_GreenBay)
11/14/11 8:50 PM
How come Ted Thompson is always by himself?

NFL Mocks Crew (@NFLMocks)
11/14/11 8:52 PM
I might pay money to hear Gruden, just once, say, “let me tell you, Jaws. This guy coming onto the field. He’s really an awful player”
Brian Murphy (@bmurphPiPress)
11/14/11 8:56 PM
Trailing 17-0, Jared Allen continues lasso-sack celebration, about as tone deaf as Mondale trash talking Reagan on Election Night ’84
The Packer Ranter (@PackerRanter)
11/14/11 9:00 PM
If only Jared Allen got points for every time he did his little dance, the Vikings might be within a touchdown.
Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero)
11/14/11 9:00 PM
Three-and-out for #Vikings. They actually have a 165-151 edge in total yardage and 16:10-13:17 in TOP. Nothing to show for it.

Brian Carriveau (@BrianCarriveau)
11/14/11 9:03 PM
At halftime Aaron Rodgers has completed 13 of 16 passes for 145 yards with 1 touchdown and 0 INTs for rating of 125.3.

Green Bay Packers (@packers)
11/14/11 9:03 PM
VIDEO HIGHLIGHT: Greg Jennings 24-yard TD pass from Aaron Rodgers:

Brian Carriveau (@BrianCarriveau)
11/14/11 9:03 PM
Comparatively, Christian Ponder has completed 9 of 17 passes for 102 yards with 0 TDs and 1 INT for rating of 46.7.

Michelle Tuckner (@MichelleTuckner)
11/14/11 9:23 PM
4th and 2- Packers go for it – Rodgers – Nelson +12

Bill Michaels (@Bill_Michaels)
11/14/11 9:26 PM
9th straight game that Rodgers has thrown 2 or more TD passes…breaking Favre’s record.

Green Bay Packers (@packers)
11/14/11 9:26 PM
Drive: 8 plays, 69 yards, 4:15 time of possession, 17-yard TD pass, Rodgers-Nelson. 9th straight game Rodgers with 2 TD passes, club record.

Jason Wilde (@jasonjwilde)
11/14/11 9:35 PM
If only he kept them on the ball there. RT @mikewickett: I was just gonna tweet this. Damn. RT @becklynn: Cobb has such pretty eyes.

Ahman Green (@AhmanGreen30)
11/14/11 9:38 PM
I have a lot left in my tank to help the run game out for the Pack!!! Just put the bat signal in the sky and I will be there!

The Packer Ranter (@PackerRanter)
11/14/11 9:42 PM

Kareem Copeland (@kareemcopeland)
11/14/11 9:50 PM
Woodson just dropped a pick 6. on fourth down. No one in front of him…

Greg A. Bedard (@GregABedard)
11/14/11 10:04 PM
That 9-yard line had terrific form on that tackle of Quarless. Will be fined by the NFL.

Michelle Tuckner (@MichelleTuckner)
11/14/11 10:11 PM
Rodgers: 23-30, 250, 4 TDs, QB Rating 140.3 #Packers

Gerrard Diaz (@GerDiaz)
11/14/11 10:17 PM
Rodgers beats Brett Favre’s franchise record for 110+ passer rating in games in a season. Favre surprised it took this long.

Cory Grassell (@CoryGrassell)
11/14/11 10:19 PM
Minnesota is Wisconsin’s bitch. #Packers #Badgers #Brewers

✔Verified Packer Fan (@GBPackers_Diva)
11/14/11 10:37 PM
#Packers! Enough Said.

Verified White Boy (@packersfan86)
11/14/11 10:38 PM
20-0 is coming for this year! Super Bowl winners!

Zach Heilprin (@zheilprin)
11/14/11 10:26 PM
Who would have thunk it…James Starks has out-rushed Adrian Peterson so far tonight. 63 to 51.

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