Green Bay Packers in the playoffs – what do the psychics have to say?


How do Aaron Rodgers and his receivers match up astrologically?

While we experts tend to look at the X’s and O’s and spout our likes and dislikes when it comes to formations, coaches, schemes and statistics, we are offering something a bit different today.

Our friends over at offered to take a closer look for us here at, specifically how quarterback Aaron Rodgers matches up astrologically with three of his receivers, Jermichael Finley, Randall Cobb and Greg Jennings.

I think what you will read below makes sense in a lot of ways and explains much of what we see happening on the field.

Check out the post and let us know what you think?

"Emerging from the piles of wrapping paper scraps and holiday ham leftovers are this season’s NFL playoffs.While it’s been a wild ride for several NFC teams, the Packers have revved up from their slow start and displayed their dominance to come out with an 11-4 record coming into Week 17. A win this Sunday could seal a playoff bye for Green Bay and give them some momentum heading into the post-season.While stats are pored over and analysis is being performed by experts, our specialty psychics at Hollywood Psychics wanted to try their hand at predicting the compatibility of Aaron Rodgers and three of his receivers. Using astrology, our experts looked into the match-ups between Finley, Cobb, Jennings, and their capable QB. Jermichael Finley is a fire sign who is tempered by Aaron Rodgers’ personality.Raymond T. Rivard photographBoth Rodgers (a Sagittarius) and Finley (an Aries) are two of the zodiac’s most exuberant signs.  Both are fire signs, which, upon first glance could appear to be a volatile pairing.But while Finley can get into his own head and drop passes, Rodgers’ Sagittarius sign helps to settle Finley’s “fire.” Despite the fact that Cardinal sign Finley can be very aggressive, Rodgers tempers his own aggression — plus the aggression of his teammates — and channels it in a more easy-going, fun-loving sort of way, diffusing any negativity or posturing among teammates.As a mutable sign, Rodgers is constantly evolving and bringing people and plans together in a cohesive way, which helped make for Finley’s somewhat consistence yardage in December.  With Sagittarius QB Rodgers leading the Pack, Finley could be his Aries “secret weapon,” helping him to fuel the fires of his team’s aggressive, on-field play—if he keeps his intensity and dropped passes in check.Yet another Fire sign pairing in the Packers’ line-up, Rodgers and Cobb feed off of one another’s enthusiastic natures.  With Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter and Leo’s ruling “planet” as the sun, there’s a lot of masculine energy Randall CobbMike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sportsand testosterone flowing with this pairing, resulting in the most passing yardage between the two.Although not as copacetic as the Rodgers/Finley pairing, there is a healthy amount of respect and camaraderie between the two signs.  Leos are prone to showboating, but Sagittarius’s amiable, yet practical nature helps hold any Leonine bursts of egotism in check.  Ultimately, respect and friendship are the name of the game with this zodialogical pairing.  And there’s a healthy amount of both in this instance.The only pairing that’s not full of fire in this bunch, Rodger’s partnership with Jennings, a Virgo Earth sign, is all about the exchange of ideas. While Sagittarius is more outgoing and gregarious, Virgo takes more of a pragmatic, “studied” approach, hanging back and analyzing the situation, which he was able to do since he was out with his injury in the midseason.This approach is compounded when considering Jennings’ experience in the game, which shows on field in his route running skills. Rodgers and Jennings are a zodialogical odd couple that manages to bring out the best in Greg Jenningseach other, and despite how different the two signs are, Virgo and Sagittarius have a deep admiration for one another.  Virgo sometimes has difficulty realizing just where all of Sagittarius’s boundless enthusiasm comes from and Sagittarius may not “get” the reserved, tactical approach Virgo often takes.  However, they are both tremendous communicators and learn from and respect each other’s approach to getting things done, as Jennings has done in his games this December.As the Packers enter the playoffs in about a week, it’ll be interesting to see how their zodialogial compatibilities come into play. Will Finley prove his worth as a “secret weapon” or will Cobb continue running away as the receiving favorite? Or maybe Jennings’ analytical nature will give him a leg up in the post-season? Sit yourself in front of the TV for the next few weeks and find out for yourself!This article was written on behalf of Hollywood Psychics. If you’d like to get your own predictions, get an online psychic reading from Hollywood Psychics today."