Green Bay Packers fans – yes, we’re the ones to blame


Darryl Krejci

Darryl Krejci, a Green Bay Packers fan who frequents’s Facebook page wrote a very humorous post that struck me as something special, so I posted back to him that he should write for the site … he took it to heart and put together another piece that he emailed me the day following the Packers loss to the 49ers.

With his permission, I am posting it here on the site with the invitation to him to start writing more.

I really like his style and his understanding not only of the game of football but play of words. I think you will enjoy it, too.

So, without further adieu, give this a read and let us know how you feel by posting a comment here or by checking out and liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter.

"By Darryl KrejciSo this morning I woke up and my heart was full of dread.  I looked out the window and the world seemed the same.  There was no zombie apocalypse, no world economic collapse, or even a sign that the lightly fallen snow was going to lead to the next blizzard of the century.  So what was it that encompassed my every thought?  It was collectiveness, a oneness.  It was the day after a disheartening loss that would lead to eight months of reflections and what ifs.  It was dare I say it, the start of the offseason!I like many other members of the Packer Nation were disappointed in the end result, but now, twenty-four hours later I looked inward, using a combination of Zen mysticism, Taoism and my Magic Eight Ball, I think I have come to terms with what happened.   We failed.  It was not the Packers and the lack of a pass rush.  It was not a muffed return or even an ill conceived interception.  We failed as fans.  We expected that our pre game rituals, our green and gold attire and our chants of “GO PACK GO” would lead us to the promised land.  We believed that we were better than we truly were and with that we looked through our green and gold tinted glasses and believed that our team was better than they really were.We did not want to recognize the injuries that decimated us week in and week out.  We looked the other way when we could not muster a pass rush or a running game.  We all believed that history would repeat itself, that injuries would not matter and this would be a repeat of 2010 and another Super Bowl victory.  We set ourselves up for the greatest collapse because we failed to accept the truth.  We believed too strongly in our team and refused to acknowledge that they are only men, not superheroes.  There may be a discount double check belt on the outside of that #12 jersey, but I am sure there is no “S” underneath it.  Our collective nation did not want to accept the weaknesses that were not corrected, the mistakes that were repeated and the tackles that were missed.  We blamed others (okay, the replacement refs deserve a lot of blame) but never took responsibility for our own misguided beliefs.  Now after the loss we turn our frustration and anger towards those in control.  We blame Dom Capers for failing to make adjustments and correct the defense.  We blame Coach McCarthy for failing to close out teams once they are down.  We blame Finley for talking too much and not catching enough.  But take a moment and look inward, search your feelings, use the Force, they did not fail us, we failed them.We expected them to try harder, but how could they?  It was either do or do not.  When they did we reveled in Victory Mondays.  When they did not seven days stretched forth like an eternity until redemption and the next game.  It was a season of highs and lows; it was the final chapters for some and the first chapters for others.Now that it is over we need to come to grasp with reality.  The 2012 Packers exceeded where others have failed.  They overcame adversity, ignorance (again, the replacement refs), injuries and certain TV announcers to capture another NFC North title.  Then in the end what did we give them?  We gave them criticism, our frustration, and misguided anger.  We blamed them for failing to live up to our expectations and capturing a 14th championship.So now that it is over with and blood pressures have dropped we all need to take a moment, breathe in deeply, and apologize for our failures to our team.  We were like spoiled children, expecting the newest technical gizmo but not appreciating everything else that we were given.  In the end we failed to appreciate what this season was and where we ended compared to so many others (like the Bears).  We were not reasonable or even appreciative.  We never once collectively said thank you after the clock ran out in San Francisco last night.  Where was our heart and spirit?  So now on behalf of the entire Packer Nation, to Aaron, Clay, Donald, Charles, Coach McCarthy and the rest of the Packers, thank you for a great season.  Thank you for giving us so much and in looking forward to next season, all we ask for is that 14th Championship!  Anything less is a failure … I mean we look forward to another great season of Packer football!  GO PACK GO!"